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Song Choice

10 Why Do Kamikaze Pilots Wear Helmets_.m4a

The song that I chose is titled, "Why Do Kamikaze Pilots Wear Helmets", by The Red Light Sting.

Hiding our heads in the sand won't help us with these problems we have.
Time is running out, my dear.
One minute to go! Sound the alarm.
I can't hear anything but the sound of my heart racing, and then comes the impact.

Promotional Piece Titled "Class NY"

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Class NY is the title that I chose for this font. It plays off the idea of the characters in "The Great Gatsby" doing their best to be the perfect class, yet they can't attain it because they are human.

Pieces Of My Type

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Here are the different letter pieces of my font. I'm still not pleased with the lowercase letters, so I'll be reworking them.

Lowercase Letters

I had a tough time deciding which direction to go with the lowercase letters. The uppercase letters have a bold quality to them, and I don't know if the lowercase should reflect that or cower in it.

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Uppercase Letters

These are my sketches for the uppercase letters. The clean, perfect lines that are usually seen in Art Deco fonts now have bends, stroke differences, and other imperfections. The characters in The Great Gatsby tried to be perfect in every way, but every human is going to fail at absolute perfection.

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