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In the past year, I've been very interested in the deconstruction genre. Last semester I began incorporating this influence into my own work. If ever there was a niche that I would fall into, this would be it.

I've always felt a nostalgic love for the design of the 1990s. It's not just the "oh I remember that show" or "yeah I had ripped jeans and flannel too." It's more of a desire to surround myself with it. I can't really describe the feeling. It's something dark, something distorted, but not the typical grungy textures and eroded text.

I know there was a variety of design going on in the 90s, but what stands out to me is work by artists such as David Carson and April Greiman. The type created by Emigre also has a certain vibe to it, quite possibly because Carson and Greiman heavily used them.

As my research continues, my range of favorite artists and genres grow. This past spring semester I was into nothing but deconstruction. Over the fall, my love expanded to encompass new media art, such as net art. Artists like Cory Arcangel, AmbientTV, StereosWebFunk, and Paper Rad have shown me how bitmap and glitches can add a flare to art. It's something that I feel I've always wanted to do but never known how to. Now, I've come across even more artists that share my love for the distorted and dark. They include Andy Dixon, Nick Briz, Evan Meaney, Jon Satrom, and Kokofreakbean.

I have high hopes for this spring semester. The work that I'm going to do in this class should be some of my best yet.

David Carson
April Greiman

Cory Arcangel
Paper Rad

Andy Dixon
Nick Briz
Evan Meaney
Jon Satrom

If you would like to see more artists that fall under these styles, let me know.

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