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Bass jumping through bobbers


Progress~ Closer to finishing!

Over the weekend, i have been working diligently on my project. Since last class, I finished my seaweed, made wool rocks, bought and hung in grid 120 bobbers from ceiling, carved a fish (bass) from Oasis floral foam block. I have spent many many hours working on this project. All put together, I wanted a scene, a fish to look as tho it has jumped out of the water through the bobbers, with bobbers hung higher up as if flown out of water by fish jumping. the bobbers are closely gridded, and below a scene from under the water. with a seaweed (nest of fishing line, usually happens with a snag) with resin fish hanging from as if a school of minnows, wool rocks to illustrate structure below. I love it!

hanging bobbers







collage work


Prismacolor Markers



Many steps were involved in each of my collage boards. A layer of gesso was roughly applied. colors of water paint applied to desired areas. tissue paper plain white and clothing pattern tissue paper roughly glued. Reapplied paint to give to areas. printed images I drew (8) of muskie fishing lures. I drew them with prismacolor markers on tracing paper to give water color look, scanned to computer, did some digital changes. Printed and did gel transfer to the each board. The newspaper glued is from a fishing article on "catch and release". Once glued, I tore the edges. I bought the Golden Cracking Gel, applied to the edge of board. Further, the images from a digital sonar depth finder printed and transferred. One of my challenges, I made a page of pictures of my family and I holding up our fish. I printed on transparent paper, trying to do a transfer from transparent paper did not work. The board had too rough of a surface, the images did not transfer right. Another challenge was the wait for layers to dry so I could continue to the next step. Otherwise I am impressed with what I have done so far.

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