thoughts- show

The biggest challenge for me about the show was the transfer of my bobbers. i never paid so much attention to the bums in the street! I used tacky to the bobbers to the foam board so they did not move, then slowly walked them into the tweed. I had some help with tacking the foam board to the ceiling, everything went ever smoothly! then i organized the bottom collages. GREAT!!

After a day of the bobbers up some were coming down. I was ok with that. I thought it brought the whole piece together then. As the show went on, i came up with the idea that as a bobber falls its like a falling star, so make a wish! i loved it! plus, joellyn liked the sound it made, it had a cute ring. I enjoyed the show, I am super happy with how everything turned out!! Thanks Joellyn!!!

(p.s. your my favorite teacher!) haha!

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