Analysis: 2 new Minnesota meningitis cases linked to steroid

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This story, which was written by Maura Lerner for the Star Tribune, is an update on how the nationwide meningitis outbreak is affecting Minnesota.

It begins with a hard news lede, explaining that the Minnesota Department of Health confirmed two new cases of meningitis in Minnesota that are linked to a contaminated drug.

The nut graf explains who the two people are and identifies the clinics where they received the drug, which gives the reader enough information to understand the significance of the update.

In the next several paragraphs, Lerner gives a broader perspective by explaining how other hospitals and clinics in the state are handling the outbreak. She also explains that the Food and Drug Administration has warned clinics about other drugs from the company that produced the contaminated injections, broadening the scope further.

In the second-to-last paragraph, Lerner explains where the contaminated drugs were manufactured, and the concludes in the last paragraph with data on meningitis cases reported in Minnesota.

The structure of this story is essentially the inverted pyramid, providing the most important and recent information in the beginning and then widening the scope of the story to the end. This is effective because the story is fact-based. Some other coverage of the outbreak has focused in on specific patients and so has been more anecdotal, but this story is meant to inform readers about the most recent development in an ongoing issue.

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