Analysis: Divining music fans' habits

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This article, which was written by Ben Sisario for the New York Times, uses data on the effect that music streaming services have on music listening and purchasing.

The angle of the story is that the relationship between streaming services like Pandora and Spotify is more complicated than one set of data can show. Sisario refers to multiple listener surveys in order to show trends over time and explain disparities.

Data used in the story comes from a survey released last week by the market research firm NPD Group, another survey they released a few months ago and a survey released last year by NPD Group and the National Association of Recording Merchandisers.

The numbers used are percentages, averages and general quantities (for example, "Spotify's subscriber ranks have more than doubled."). This makes the story accessible, and prevents the reader from getting caught up in specific figures.

Sisario did not necessarily crunch the data numbers on his own, but he did analyze them in a way that made them more straightforward. For example, he writes, "additional spending by average fans fell much more than among the most passionate ones." Here, he summarizes the trend shown by the data, rather than providing readers with the raw data with which to draw this conclusion on their own.

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