Analysis: George McGovern Dies at 90, a Liberal Trounced but Never Silenced

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The New York Times obituary for George McGovern is an extensive feature, rather than simply an announcement of McGovern's death.

The lead is grounded in the news of his death and its significance, pointing out notable moments from his life and then saying when, where, under what circumstances and at what age he died.

The piece resembles a biography more than it does a resume -- it moves through significant moments in McGovern's life, beginning in the political arena and then returning to his beginnings. Quotes often come from McGovern himself and offer valuable reflections on the information being imparted to the reader. McGovern biographies are also quoted, including "The Making of the President 1972" by Theodore H. White.

The news value of this piece is high given McGovern's prominence in U.S. politics and the legacy of his 1972 bid for the presidency. Every major U.S. news organization covered his death, as did some outside of the U.S.

Interestingly, this particular obituary was written a number of years ago by David Rosenbaum, a Washington correspondent for the New York Times who died in 2006. That alone says a lot about the significance of the piece -- that McGovern's life was being written about extensively even before his death.

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