FDA releases injury records for energy drinks

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The Food and Drug Administration released records Thursday about fatality and injury filings tied to three energy drinks, the New York Times reported.

The filings relate to the popular Rockstar Energy, Monster Energy, and 5-Hour Energy. According to the New York Times, the FDA has received 13 fatality reports mentioning 5-Hour Energy, and has confirmed 5 fatality reports on Monster Energy.

Filing an incident report does not mean that a death or injury is necessarily related to a product, the New York Times reported.

An FDA statement said they "must carefully investigate and evaluate all possible causes before deciding whether the product actually caused the medical problem," CBS News reported.

But records used in New York Times reporting show that more than 30 cases related to the drinks since 2009 were "serious or life-threatening," CBS reported. Among symptoms reported to the FDA were convulsions, heart attacks and one case of a spontaneous abortion.

Senators Richard Durbin of Illinois and Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut wrote to FDA commissioner Margaret Hamburg Thursday requesting a meeting on energy drinks, the New York Times reported.

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