SPCO cancels all 2012 concerts

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The management of the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra cancelled performances until the end of the year Thursday, the Star Tribune reported.

The decision is the latest in a process that began Oct. 21 when management locked out the orchestra's musicians, the Star Tribune reported. The contract between the musicians' union and management expired June 30, and the two sides have yet to reach a consensus on the musicians' salaries.

According to the Star Tribune, musicians have said they would like to continue performing during contract negotiations.

On Wednesday, the union rejected a management proposal that included reduced salaries and benefits as well as a smaller orchestra, the Pioneer Press reported.

Kyu-Young Kim, a member of the negotiating committee, said, "management again fails to realize that an orchestra functions as a team, and that none of us in the SPCO have any interest in selling our present or future colleagues down the river," the Pioneer Press reported.

The two sides will meet gain on Thursday and the musicians will present a new proposal, the Star Tribune reported.

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