Analysis: Amazon's billion-dollar tax shield

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This piece is part of a Reuters series on corporate tax avoidance, and focuses on how Amazon has set up branches in different countries and has orchestrated payments between them in order to avoid paying U.S. taxes.

Some reporting had been done by different media outlets on how Amazon was evading taxes overseas, but Reuters decided to look into what might be happening in the U.S. To find this information, they examined accounts filed in six countries by 25 different Amazon units.

The main analysis of this data was tracking payments between the units to assess the minutiae of how taxes were being avoided.

To do this, the reporter would have needed to be able to create customized computer lists to track money going between specific units, and would also have needed to do basic math with large sums.

The story includes a short slideshow, but no graphics. However, because of the complexity of the topic, there is an associated video called "Amazon's billion-dollar tax shield: decoder."

The video breaks down the issue into small pieces, showing how Amazon set up the tax-evasion system over time, and why this system works the way it does.

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