Analysis: Council fuming over airport noise vote

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In this piece, Star Tribune reporter Eric Roper focused on concerns by Minneapolis city council members over the lack of public information about a proposal to concentrate plane routes.

Council members voted on the proposal at their Nov. 12 meeting, but this information is not the focus of the story. Rather, Roper used commentary from several city council members on their confusion about the issue, and their anger about the lack of information available to their constituents.

The story incorporates graphics showing the proposed changes to plane routes, and emphasizes the council members' frustration by including the fact that Lisa Goodman, who represents downtown, had to rely on a graphic in the Star Tribune to find out if the changes would affect her constituency.

The story also includes a quote from Goodman saying she thinks the proposal is being pushed through before "people find out what they're actually up to." This suggests to the reader that the changes are going to be negative for Minneapolis, and that the public should be concerned both about the changes and about the lack of information.

It may have been helpful to know how much information is typically offered to the public on issues like this one, in order to fully understand the issue at hand. However, it is clear from the anger from the four council members quoted in the story that this is out of the ordinary and a matter of concern.

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