Little Falls teens slain during Thanksgiving break-in

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Two Little Falls teens, cousins Nick Brady and Haile Kifer, were killed Thanksgiving Day by a homeowner after breaking into his house, the Pioneer Press reported.

Byron Smith, 64, shot 17-year-old Brady and 18-year-old Kifer multiple times as they entered his basement. According to the Pioneer Press, he put their bodies in a workshop, and police were notified a day later after receiving a call from a neighbor.

Brady and Kifer were connected to a burglary the previous day. They apparently stole prescription medicine and coins from a home south of Little Falls.

A funeral was held Saturday, the Star Tribune reported. Community members wanted to focus on good memories of the two teens and show support for their families.

But questions remain about how and why the incident occurred.

"It's been really sad. A lot of people want to know what happened," Shania Morawczynski, a classmate, told the Star Tribune.

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