Hundreds missing and killed amid Syrian government crackdown

Since Friday, dozens of Syrian residents have gone missing and at least 121 people have reportedly been killed by a fierce government crackdown on dissidents.
According to the New York Times, the missing Syrian residents are from the city of Homs and towns surrounding the capital of Damascus, both sites of recent protests.
At least 10 people died on Saturday when security forces loyal to the President Bashar al-Assad reportedly fired upon mourners in a funeral procession in Douma, CNN reports.
The New York Times reports that the people killed were holding funeral processions for many of the 109 Syrians that were killed the day before, when the government opened fire on protesters in 14 cities.
The government-operated Syrian news agency broadcast that seven people were killed Saturday by "armed criminal groups," according to CNN.
According to the New York Times, Human Rights Watch has asked the United Nations to investigate into the recent deaths for human rights violations by the current regime.