What do you do -

if there is not any 'Have to dos"

Read, watch TV, surf the net, eat mindlessly.... who can I be with?

3 years down the road....what a difference time makes

life throws you some pretty rough waves but it stills keeps a life preserver ... you just need to hang on.

I have been hanging on and on and on. 

Now it is my time.

now see it

this would be where things should be as they should be

getting it all done

some times getting it all done means forgetting about alot of things.  I am really good at the forgeting stuff!


this first time


I really need to try to wallow in this idea more.

especially after talking to my lawyer this am, she could drive me to drink.  the only thing good about her is that she is cheap and of course you get what you pay for.

she talks like she has it all together but when you get to specifics she has obviously has not gotten everything together, and the things that we have previously gone over are not down.

which makes it hard to be patient and yet because of the cost i need to be!!!  UGGG!


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