August 15, 2008

Can RSS feed impact the Economic Impact Blog?

I have gained insight and an appreciation for RSS feeds. Knowing that followers of Economic Impact Analysis would want to be informed of any new information being published on the EIA blog; I conclude that an RSS feed would have an impact and be beneficial for this blog.
Over the next several years, numerous Economic Impact reports will be summarized on the EIA Blog. These executive summaries will not be easily held to a specific date or schedule of release. By providing an RSS feed for the clients, educators, and academics I can provide a timely notice of activity on the blog without wasting reader’s time to search for recent updates.
Clearly, the RSS feed is a win-win situation. I will not feel pressured to try and publish new information on a strict schedule. And readers of the blog will not infuriate looking for nonexistent postings. All is well.........or as we say in's chrome!

August 7, 2008

Can EIA benefit from a blog site?

Blog Article I

Can the Economic Impact Analysis program benefit from blogging? The Economic Impact Analysis (EIA) program being offered through University of Minnesota Extension’s Center for Community Vitality’s Community Economics program area is clearly in a position to benefit from blogging.
The EIA program needs to communicate regularly with numerous groups of community and economic development leaders. The EIA program leadership and participants need to share insight on the appropriate economic questions that can be addressed by an EIA report. Participants will benefit from sharing executive summaries of EIA program reports from various locations in the state. Current and prospective clients will be able to passively explore the characteristics and benefits of the EIA program by reading the postings on the Blog pages.
As the Team Leader for the EIA program, I look forward to sharing future comments about EIA………on the EIA blog.

David A. Nelson
Extension Educator, Community Economics