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The creations of Andy Goldsworthy inspired me to map the routes I take to class on a given day. I used different colors to map my journeys to and from class on Thursdays. I wanted to see it on a map to get a visual of the paths I take daily. This reminds me of Andy Goldsworthy's stone wall that wound around trees throughout the natural landscape and several other of his creations. My flow through campus is shown on the map. In a day my energy levels go up and down. When I begin my walk, my energy is usually at a fairly high level. This energy gradually goes down as I walk further and further. I am slowing down but the hustle and bustle of this city campus is still carrying on around me. The city never slows down, and never goes to sleep. I am an average college student who needs my sleep and like most of the others, I stay up very late at night but try to nap whenever possible. The city doesn't take naps during the day. It carries on... no time for naps.

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