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Blog #4

If I were released from the constraints of the Architecture Program, I would be travelling the world. This would have to be a world where money grows on trees, of course. I would be a wandering nomad without a care or worry in the universe. I would travel to exotic places, ancient world wonders, and places off the beaten path; places where no one has ever been. Places that have not been touched by humans and still contain the natural beauty of our planet. None of the stresses of the "real world" would follow me on my journeys. It would be the ultimate escape. I would like to build my own little getaway in each of the places I visit. I would build a mountain top home with floor to ceiling windows to take in the natural beauty of the surrounding area, a modern treehouse in a forest, or maybe a home with a view of a waterfall; for some reason I have always had a facination with waterfalls. I could stay in each place for as long as I wanted, depending on my mood. All of my projects would encompass the features of the area. They would bring the environment inside and look like they belong with their surroundings. One of my biggest pet peeves is when buildings don't fit in with the surrounding area, or when they're ugly and blocky and really don't fit with anything. A building should compliment its surroundings. If I had limitless funds, my life would be peaceful, completely stress free. I would do whatever I wanted.
fallingwater wright.jpg mountain home.jpg
tree house.jpg money on trees2.jpg