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Blog #5

The built environment supports who I am because it is how I developed my knowledge of buildings, how they interact with the environment, and my taste in architecture. I am attracted to certain buildings, and they ultimately end up influencing my own designs and ideas. I do not believe this detracts from who I am. It helps me to come up with new ideas that are my own. It also changes the way I think and challenges me. There are new factors that may force you to become more creative and your end product may be something greater than you initially imagined.
berber mtn village.jpg
Something you may need to overcome is the opposition of man and physical nature. You must think outside the box and factor in physical landscapes and topography. You can even use physical features to your advantage by making them a part of your design. Another is climate and enclosure. New materials and sustainable ideas can be created to make the most of the climate in a certain region. An example would be finding ways to use precipitation in a region to your advantage by creating new ways to capture and use the water. Permanence and entropy is another opposition. Architecture can be made to last forever; which is usually the way we think about Architecture. There is also the example of FEMA trailers and refugee camps. These are meant to be temporary. They are usually not considered great works of Architecture, but I believe the design of many of these is kind of brilliant. These places are meant to support most of the functions of daily life and were specifically designed to help people. They overcome constraints such as space, price, and mobility. They may not be aesthetically pleasing, but their usefulness is great.
fema trailer.jpg
There are many obstacles that challenge you in life and design. I believe these influence us for the better and force us to be truly creative and original. The built environment supports who I am and helps me to realize my personal views on the buildings that surround me from day to day.