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May 13, 2008

Volunteer Journal #8

My last day with CommonBond was Monday, May 5th. I started by doing flashcards with some of the kids. Once everyone was there we practiced letters and colors. Two colored letters would be held up and then the teacher would ask which was a particular color. The kids would say, “The f is purple,? for example. Whoever got it right got to hold on to the letter. We practiced counting on our fingers again and the kids are doing much better. We had story time then sang and danced a little. We did the hokey-pokey and the kids loved it! They were so adorable. I will miss volunteering at Skyline Towers and would like to possibly work there next semester also. It was a great experience and the kids were so much fun! It was awesome to see how much they improved throughout the few months I worked with them. CommonBond is a great organization and I would recommend volunteering there to anyone. It was a lot of fun!

Volunteer Journal #7

On April 28th, we worked on motor skills with the kids. They practiced this by lacing strings around a picture. They didn’t really like lacing around the picture and instead choose to weave the lace back and forth across the whole picture. They did a good job though! We practiced counting on our fingers also. The teacher would then hold up a certain number of fingers and have the kids say the number. It helps them to really learn the numbers and not just memorize the pattern. We practiced letters by stamping them into play-dough after a while. Class was ended with story time and singing.

May 6, 2008

Blog #9

I liked the first group's presentation, other than the fact that it was way too long, and thought they had a lot of good information. It was cool that they actually picked an architect, a female one at that, and focused on her work. India is not a place that I know much about so I really enjoyed hearing about whats going on there. I didn't realize they had such an issue with slums there. They did a great job presenting but had a little too much information on their power point. Its more interesting if the information in front of you is minimal and they expand on it more. I couldn't really focus on or read anything they actually had on the slides. They had a lot of great information and put together a very good presentation.

May 2, 2008

Volunteer Journal #6

April 21st was a beautiful day so we took the kids outside. We played hop-scotch to help them with numbers and then practiced writing on the sidewalk with chalk. One of the teachers also brought snacks for the kids. They loved it! Most of the time outside was spent on the playground. The kids loved being pushed on the swings and going down the slides. I had so much fun with the kids outside!

Volunteer Journal #5

The next time I went back to CommonBond was April 14th. The kids had spring break the week before. They are still making great progress with their letters and words. Today we played with play dough and stamped letters into it. It was a fun activity that I haven't done with them before. We also sang songs and they knew dances to go along with them. They had a great time. We had story time as usual at the end of class.

Volunteer Journal #4

March 31st was my third time volunteering with the Pre-K literacy group. We did the usual activities like practicing writing letters, counting and doing the alphabet, and also doing flashcards. The kids make more and more progress each time and I am truly amazed by how fast they learn. I'm starting to get to know the kids more and their different personalities. It is so much fun going now! Their teacher had been trying to teach the kids the difference between two and too by looking at the words on the flashcards. They actually knew the difference! When they see two, they hold up two fingers and say the word. When they see too, they say "me too." I don't think my five year old sister would have known the difference between the two. The kids are doing so well with their English!