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Volunteer Journal #8

My last day with CommonBond was Monday, May 5th. I started by doing flashcards with some of the kids. Once everyone was there we practiced letters and colors. Two colored letters would be held up and then the teacher would ask which was a particular color. The kids would say, “The f is purple,? for example. Whoever got it right got to hold on to the letter. We practiced counting on our fingers again and the kids are doing much better. We had story time then sang and danced a little. We did the hokey-pokey and the kids loved it! They were so adorable. I will miss volunteering at Skyline Towers and would like to possibly work there next semester also. It was a great experience and the kids were so much fun! It was awesome to see how much they improved throughout the few months I worked with them. CommonBond is a great organization and I would recommend volunteering there to anyone. It was a lot of fun!