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Pugh Chart!


As you can see, according to the Pugh chart above, the Solar powered window covering is the winnner! I had a feeling that that was going to happen. In filling out the comparison chart, I did my best to be un-biased, but from reading the comments on my survey, it was easy to see the clear winner in this case. Solar powered items, especially for the car are hot right now as the "Clean Energy" push is happening all over. Why not use a resource that won't be running out even 10 lifetimes from now. Admittedly, it is difficult to store the energy collected from the sun, but batteries are awesome ways to store that renewable and rechargeable energy. Pair that resource with a window covering that can twinkle, flash, and/or play music and you have a product that is not only functional, but pleasing to the eye as well. Charge your phone on the road/in your office with *free* energy, no perpetual motion device needed and look good doing it!

Final Name and Drawing
I've been toying with different names and acronyms and have found that it's quite a bit more difficult than it sounds to come up with a catchy name for something.

Combining the words/concepts of solar powered, decorative, charging capabilities, and portability are not as easy as it may seem.


Short description of the picture above:
A car window (or other various sizes)-sized solar panel with suction cups on the corners of the back (solar side) stick the device to the window for temporary/portable use. Another option for mounting would be more permanent with Velcro (or some 3M adhesive).
For the decoration aspect of the device, a screen of sorts would be mounted on the reverse of the solar panel. Possibly E-ink or LCD screen could be used to flicker, flash, and twinkle like Christmas, or any sort of decoration for that matter.

Elevator Pitch

Placeholder Picture and text!!!



Walleye Tank. Bring it on.

Idea Eval


Last week we learned about evaluating our ideas.
The three areas we looked at for evaluation were:
**Would anyone actually use/buy this product?<
**Is this an original idea, or has it been on the market for a number of years?
**Is it even physically possible to manufacture this product in the size that it calls for? Are the materials readily available for manufacturing, or is it a total bust?

First and Foremost
Is anyone actually going to buy my product? That's the question you have to ask yourself before you get too invested and attached to the product. Once you do, bias comes out, and that leads to bad design and unhappy designers.

To test the marketability of my 10 ideas, I created a Google Forms Survey in which 58 people responded to.
Each product idea was presented with a picture and description (those pictures can be seen earlier on my blog).
Upon gathering a basic understanding of the concept of the product and how it works and functions, each idea was evaluated in the three basic areas.

From the survey results, the Top 5 ideas were as follows:
1. Solar Powered Window Covering
Lots of people liked this one. Figured I would post the picture showing how many comments I got on this idea. It was nice to be able to read through what people actually thought of this idea.
solar window covering

2. Scented Coaster
I also got lots of feedback from this one, both good and bad. All of the negative feedback was based upon the scent covering up the smell of the drink being "coastered." Which is interesting. I didn't even think about that until someone mentioned it in the comments. If there were multiple scents (ie. peppermint, chocolate, vanilla, etc) it could mix with the smell of the drink to make an even more pleasing smell.

3. New Years Party Bottle Opener
Mixed feedback once again. Generally a good base of comments, but some weird ones stuck out to me. "I don't usually stay up until midnight, therefore not applicable." "Don't need/want"

I was getting opinions, which is good, but most of them though the idea was bad without thinking that someone else might use it, even if they wouldn't. Sounds like the questions being asked need to be changed for the next time I survey people, but now I'm confused as to what to ask. Suggestions?

Update: I realize I didn't ask the exact question I should have. Should have been stated: Can you see yourself or someone you know using this? That might have garnered a few more positive comments.

4. Mini Christmas Tree laptop/mobile phone speakers
Most easily produced (I think), the laptop speakers, shaped like pine trees would be a nice addition to your desk. Could be placed on your mantle to provide heart warming tunes while you sit by the fire and read a book or in the kitchen to listen to carols as mom makes Christmas dinner. Music, decorations, technology.

5. I'm having a very difficult time picking and evaluating idea 5. It's not that I don't have one. All of the feedback I got on the other ideas were so negative towards the actual idea, nothing else can be considered to fit in my "Top" ideas.

Novelity? Nobelity? Novelty.
Are these ideas original, or is the product already on the shelves of some big box store?

1. Solar Powered Window Covering
Here is the 2x2 I created in looking for window mounted solar powered objects.
The light-wall in the top right corner could potentially be a really good product. Incorporate the holiday decorations right into the supported designs that it can project!
IDEA_1 2X2.jpg
Patents for Window Mounted Solar things:
CN 102027183 A
This one has some potential. Maybe combine it with the wallpaper that moves and have a whole system of solar powered window/wall automation.
US 8575877 B2

2. Scented Coasters
IDEA_2 2X2.jpg

Well. Found this here patent. Guess it's a thing already. With no product pictures online though...
US 6695272 B1
and this:

That last one is really odd, but interesting.
Just got some really neat ideas smells and mobile technology. Watch the market in the next couple years for my name on something "smelly..."

3. New Year's Party Champagne Bottle Opener
Didn't find much that incorporated the New Year's aspect into the opening of the bottle. The closest was the flourish and fancifulness that it takes to "be-head" the bottle with a blade.

IDEA_3 2X2.jpg

United States Patent 6637295
That was the first patent that came up regarding champange openers. Now to find one that incorporates New Years...and nope. Got nothing.
Another generic "Sparkling wine bottle opener..."

4. Christmas Tree shaped mobile speakers
There was only one tree speaker out there. All the rest were box shaped with a tree on it, or just a regular speaker that you might have already seen on the shelf at Target or Best Buy.
IDEA_4 2X2.jpg

CN 202551270 U
Mobile Speakers are hot right now. But I don't seem to find anyone making holiday shaped ones. Could be an omen...
US 20130142371 A1

And last, but certainly not least: Feasibility
Are these ideas even physically possible?
This section evaluates the ideas on material and labor costs, size and manufacturing constraints for a large run of products. If I was going to buy the product wholesale to produce a large number of each item (10,000 maybe) the total materials cost would roughly be close to these stated prices.

1. Solar Powered Window Covering
The average price that people were willing to pay for a product of this type is about $20 with exceptions of 3 people saying $50 or $60 and two people saying $150.
(Thanks 3M for providing me with most of this already. When I was there, I saw a flexible Solar Panel)
Mount a panel on the window and put a screen type backing.
*Solar Panels
*Flexible backing

2. Scented Coasters
The average price that people were willing to pay for a product of this type is about $4-5 with a set costing around $15 for 4 coasters. One person made sure to emphasize that if made out of ceramic, $10 but if cardboard, well then $1.
*Cork or Fabric (depending on the type of coaster)
*Embroidery or screen printing
*Possibly ceramic?

3. New Year's Party bottle opener
The average price that people were willing to pay for a product of this type is about $32.
Most were at the $25 price point, while others were at the $50 price point, which raised the average. Only one person set a max of $100. The lowest was $13.
*Corkscrew (if wine bottle)= stainless steel
*Wedge opener (if beer bottle) = stainless steel
*Pincers/pliers to pull champagne cork =stainless steel

Could you just slice off the cork? Open the bottle quicker (not exactly safer) for someone that doesn't want to cut it themselves.

4. Christmas tree mobile speakers
The average price that people were willing to pay for a product of this type is about $12-$17 while one said up to $50 depending on sound quality.
Very feasible to produce and manufacture:
Speakers have basically been perfected. So many companies make them.
Just create a simple housing for a small mobile speaker. Mount that tree-like housing on the outside and voila.
*ABS Plastic
*Faux pine needles?


Stepping away from evaluation a little, would just like to say one thing that is very interesting and shows what has happened to the culture in America.
I'm not bashing or pushing any religion here. Just stating my confusion. That is all.

Here is the feedback I got from the Laptop Pop-up Nativity set

And cue the confusion
Yes, you did read that graph correctly. 58 out of 58 people said they do celebrate Christmas. I'll leave the computing up to you.

This survey also goes to show that the best drawn ideas are always the ones that seem like the best ideas, even if the actually product sucks. And the good ideas that are drawn poorly, to the general public (note: not trained product designers) don't get any recognition for their novelty or cool-ness.
Therefore, that is definitely my fault. I need to make sure the Ideas are drawn extremely clearly, or just don't incorporate the picture. Which brings up a question for my comment-ors, so please answer! Can you evaluate the ideas, and have good responses on just descriptions alone? Would that provide for more imaginary feedback and stop any bias towards poorly drawn products? I feel that all of my bad feedback might have been just because I should have taken more time in my re-drawing process.


Expect a lot more mixed feedback that you would originally expect. An anonymous survey is just that. People can answer how they really feel and not feel guilty. When you sit and observe someone evaluate a product right under your nose, they will always be more accepting of a product.

At the same time, don't post your survey on Facebook. Half the people that answer are not going to take the comment section as serious as you would hope.



Structured Brainstorm. Sounds like an oxymoron. Here, follow these rules. It will help you be more creative.

I'm not personally bashing it. I think it helped me come up with some really good ideas. It's just funny that first we were told not to be too constricting with our creativity, but now, we are required to. Just a note. Thought it was interesting.

{Part 1 | Scamper}
Since my theme is Holiday Decorations, what better item to choose than the most easily recognizable symbol of the holidays than the Christmas Tree (according to modern shopping and celebrations)?

Substitute: What can I replace this tree with to make it more useful?
Combine: What can I combine with a tree to make more people want to by it?
Adapt: Adapt the tree physically to make it more appealing...
Magnify/minify: Make it huge, or make it small? That is the question...
Put to other use: Wait! Don't throw it out after the holidays. You can still use it for...
Eliminate: Get rid of the ornaments, the star, the branches, the mess...
Reverse/rearrange: Hang it upside down or sideways...?

{Part 2 | Tables: Morphology, TILMAG, HIT}

Using a table to come up with ideas is probably the most structured part of this exercise, because you fill in the columns and rows of a set table to come up with ideas for products. Like TILMAG. You fill out the features of a good "blank" along the top, and the features of another good "blank" along the left side and play a little "cross products." But instead of coming up with a new product that has those two features, you try to think of a product that already has those two specific features. Ex. Crossing fast with safe, you might write down a bumper car. Combining cleaning with portable, might garner a Swiffer duster.


A storm be comin'


Ahoy, me matey! A storm be comin'. A brainstorm, that be. Find four buckos 'n gather round. Come up wit' new ideas, 'tis be our battle we fight.

ahem. excuse me. oi seem ter 'av been speakin' in pirate. don't nu waaat 'as come over me. if yer couldn't quite catch waaat de assignment wus,

Wowza. I did it again. Let's try this one more time.

Improv game + Brainstorming = Lots of new ideas for Holiday Decorations

Now I'm speaking like the engineer that I am.
Like I said before. The assignment was to gather four (or more) friends together and brainstorm ideas for our given theme. In order to do such a thing, we were also tasked with creating and playing an original improv game to get warmed up. As you have found, my brain was still playing the game when I started typing...

Based on another existing improv game (create a story, phrase by phrase around the circle) this game involved everyone speaking in a different accent as we went around the circle. I think this added a lot to the game to get past the usual monotony of thinking of a single word or phrase.

Let it be known that I sat down with 5 of my fraternity brothers of varying majors. Figured I would put that out there before posting all of the pictured ideas.

In blogging last week, I came up with these two problem statements regarding the theme of Holiday Decorations.

Problem/Needs Statements:
1. Joy needs a small set of decorations that are easily stored and cat-proof for her small apartment.

2. Morgan needs a set of decorations she can start using before December 1st (as her roommates won't let her) to get into the holiday spirit, hopefully including technology.

And going further from there, I came up with these two HMW statements.

How might we statements:
1. How might we decorate for a small space with durable, easy to store items?

2. How might we incorporate personal technology into decorating for the holidays?

During the first session working on HMW #1, here are a few of the ideas we came up with as a group.

Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 2.32.24 PM.jpg
Credit: David Thomas

Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 2.35.48 PM.jpg
Credit: Ross Neumann

Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 2.34.47 PM.jpg
Credit: Joe Van Horn

Screen Shot
Credit: Rober Johnson

After a short food/drink break and another improv warm up to get back into it, the group came up with these ideas for HMW #2.

Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 2.33.49 PM.jpg
Credit: Robert Johnson

Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 2.36.52 PM.jpg
Credit: Robert Johnson

Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 2.36.08 PM.jpg
Credit: David Thomas

Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 2.32.37 PM.jpg
Credit: David Thomas

Screen Shot
Credit: Ross Neumann

After all the ideas were collected, they were categorized into 3 groups:
1| Cat-proof
2| Specifically Small
3| Dual Use

As the brainstorm and pictures were drawn on larger sheets of paper (not one per page, definitely fix for next time) it was not advantageous to separate each picture/idea into a group, so each one was rewritten on it's specific group list, one for each category.

At 47 ideas in 30 minutes and 5 people, the IPM was at 0.314. Definitely not as good as I had hoped it would be. When a couple people in the group don't come up with any (or hardly any ideas, it brings down the IPM for everyone. A few of us though of many ideas (not specifically the best ones, but ideas nonetheless) while a couple came up with almost none. Sounds like I need to brainstorm with more creative people to start out with.

An Ode to Holiday Decorations


Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years. Tis the season to be jolly is right. There is so much going on this time of year, I think its really cool that, while not all of them give us time off of work or school, they are all nationally celebrated. And in some aspects, globally as well.

As a note, if I fail to mention your favorite holiday, let me know in a comment. Obviously no bashing of Holidays will happen in this post. If you celebrate a different holiday at this time of year, awesome, I wish i knew more about the different holidays. That is something I will do more research on for next time as we get further into our sub-themes.
As Halloween has long since passed, I will start my post talking shortly about Thanksgiving.
Every year, I guarantee you, every mother hopes that this year's meal looks like this:
But every year, without fail, it ends up looking a lot like this:
Try and try again next year.

Thanksgiving is a time to share with family. A time to be thankful for what you've received in the last 12 months, and more often than not, eat enough food to explode your stomach. And then, top it off with some pumpkin pie, a la mode.

Christmas, it seems, could essentially be described the same way, but exchange the pumpkin pie with eggnog and add gift exchanging in there as well.


Pictured above is Rockefeller Center in New York City. This little square of the city is often thought of as the quintessential "Christmas Atmosphere." The tree, lights, skating rink, and all the love in the air make it the perfect place to set 50% of all the romantic Christmas movies ever made. Ice skating on Christmas Eve, anyone? Don't forget to bring along your hot chocolate and a 12 piece orchestra!

Christmas trees. Big or small, they mean something to us a society. According to the Christian tradition of christmas, the fact that fir trees stay green year round is a symbol of everlasting life and a reminder of the coming spring.

The history of bringing a tree into the home and covering it with decorations is a long and expansive tale. Some say it started in Germany with Martin Luther. Others say it started in Riga, Latvia. One detail about the trees that brought them into the homes of modern Americans was a picture in the Illustrated London News in 1848. A picture of the Queen's family surrounding a tree entitled "The Queen's Christmas tree at Windsor Castle." Two years later, the same picture (slightly modified to make it more American) was published in Godey's Lady's Book. Thus brought the tradition to the masses of Western Civilization after happening in Europe for so long.

Okay. Snap back to 2013. It's November 11th (Veterans Day, another very important holiday to be exact).

What do people in Minneapolis do to decorate their homes? That is the burning question I know everyone is dying to know.

To answer that question, I had to ask it. Three times.
So I did. I asked three people about their ideas regarding decorating for the holidays and here's what they said.

Q: When do you start decorating for the holidays?

A1: I'm a very traditional when it comes to decorating for the holidays. Seeing as I decorate for all three holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas) I make sure I do it in order and I take my time. It's not like I put my Thanksgiving stuff up on Nov. 1st, nor do I put up my tree on Dec. 1st. I take down the old stuff decently quickly, but in the re-decorating process, as long as I have time, I might take three days to put up and decorate my tree. Makes the spirit of the process more enjoyable.

A2: Nov. 1st.
I would have put up my tree on Nov. 1st but my roommates said no. 'Don't forget about Thanksgiving!' they said. Well, I can't go home for Thanksgiving, so I'm pretending that its just not happening.

A3: I decorate for all of the holidays, so I'm constantly decorating. I collect a few specific styles of decorations, so it takes a while to set things up. I don't have a specific day. I decorate by feel/feeling.

Q: Would you say you have a specific style when you decorate?

A2: Lots of garland and ornaments. Lots.

A3: I have collected three specific decorations over the last 20 years. Angels, snowmen, and Santas. I pretty much have a box full of each one. I change up the placement every year, but there are obviously some items that are too big to fit anywhere other that where I always put them.

Q: What was decorating as a child in your mother's home like?

A1: Also very traditional. That's probably where I get it. We would always make it a family affair. Dad would go up into the attic and bring down the boxes of ornaments, garland, and other things. We would go to the tree lot and pick out our tree. Cut it down and tie it to the top of the station wagon....It was the sixties. Very cookie cutter story, I know.
We usually took a couple days to decorate the house. Depending on if the family Christmas dinner was at our house, we would do some extra cleaning before decorating.
I personally went out and got a real tree every year until about 6 years ago. But my parents did, at least until I left the house.

A2: I don't have the same amount of decorations that my mom does, so it doesn't take as long. But in general, it's pretty much the same. I'm going home for christmas this year as always, so I would say nothing has really changed. We don't get a real tree anymore. Thats the one thing that has changed. So much more work to go out and get a real one.

Q: How does your decorating differ when you know you are going out of town for the holidays?

A3: We don't put up the tree. Our two cats like to chew on the branches and play with the ornaments. They've broken too many ornaments while we are in the house, its not worth it to lose at ton more when we go out of town. We still put up the lights and connect them to a timer. That way, every day at 6pm they turn on and turn off the next morning to save electricity. Makes it seem like we are home (security purposes) and it makes the house look bad when all of the neighbors put their lights up and we don't because we leave town. So, we put them up every year. More presentable, more inviting. We also mount a star on the side of the chimney. Once it gets dark, it looks like the star the Wise Men saw, from the Christmas story. Wreaths under the front lights, no matter the year. And when we drive out of town, we mount a wreath on the front of our car. Bring the Christmas cheer along for the ride.

Last Question: When do you take your decorations down after the holidays are over?

A1: Being catholic, I take them down after epiphany. So, January 6/7th. I leave my lights and my tree up until then, but I take them down pretty quick after that.

A2: Sometimes we leave the tree up until the middle/end of January. Mostly because no one has time to take it all down, but usually its down a week or two after Christmas.

A3: I remember one year we didn't take the tree down until February. Everyone was so busy that we just didn't get around to it. The cats loved it and it looked nice still (fake tree, no worries). Now that the kids are gone, I don't have my little helpers anymore to take things down.

Three interviews. Three totally different perspectives on Holiday decorating. Now for my turn.

As it is still only the 11th, it was difficult to sit and observe someone actually decorate their home or office space, but I did do some people-0watching in the decoration section of Target. It was beneficial to see other people (as compared to my own family) interact with their loved ones to pick out ornaments and different decorations.

As I do not have any holiday decorations here at home, the only access I have to decorating (of sorts) is at work. I work for Starbucks, and I specifically remember the looks on customer's faces when they see we have our Holiday things set up. Holiday cups, holiday beverages, gift items for sale, all that kind of stuff. You can see the joy on their face when they realize they can finally get their gingerbread latte, or peppermint mocha (year round people, just saying) again. Experience-wise, it's nice to see people happy to see the decorating.

Unless you are a scrooge, holiday spirit is where it's at. Family, giving, and food. Bring on the pie.

Brace yourselves...Winter is coming!!


Winter. Second only to road-construction in nearly every state in the midwest. While the snow is gone, all the potholes get fixed. And while the snow is here, it seems like the potholes multiply and grow in diameter. Such is life in the midwest. Ridiculousness.

When I think of winter, I think of digging my car out of the snow. I think of a slightly nice enough day where I can wear shorts, but still wear my parka. You know you're from the midwest when you do that on a regular basis.
Here in MPLS, winter is a challenge and a blessing. It just depends on the day...

To start the assignment on mind mapping & silly ideas, I watched How I Met Your Mother to get the creative/ comedic juices flowing.
(Note to self, bad idea, will end up watching multiple, multiple episodes)
Maybe something more straight comedy, like Who's Line, might have done more for creativity. Next time.

Directly after finishing all of season 9, I came up with the mind map in the picture shown:

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 12.15.15 PM.jpg

It may not be the most extensive mind map, but the connections are, I feel, valid. The placement of the arrows (as compared to just lines) shows that I thought of something for topic B that fit really well with topic A. Arrow heads point to the thing I thought of first, "pointing" to the original subtopic. Some of the farthest out strings are written just to add some closure to the path, so as to tell myself not to keep mapping any further away from "Winter".

Taking on the major subtopics and creating 10 Cross-Products, I have come up with as follows:

1. Christmas-tree Hats

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 1.18.00 PM.jpg

2. Specialty Snow-people making mittens

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 1.18.39 PM.jpg

3. A New Years Party hat with a hockey mask incase things get rough at the turn of the new year...

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 1.18.29 PM.jpg

4. Socks that sing to you as you put them on/take them off. Maybe even while you walk!

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 1.18.15 PM.jpg

5. A decorative wreath (hung on a door) that can temporarily hide a bottle of Eggnog, so the other people in the house cannot drink it. (I really like eggnog, if you couldn't tell).

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 1.18.54 PM.jpg

6. A flavor of gum that tastes like, yep you guessed it, EGGNOG!

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 1.19.07 PM.jpg

7. Under snow lights controlled by a computer so you can light up a design to a matrix of lights from below

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 1.19.18 PM.jpg

8. A phone case - cookie dispenser. I doubt any further explanation is needed...

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 1.19.40 PM.jpg

9. A stocking cap with a built-in head lamp. Rids yourself of one more item to put on for your morning commute.

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 1.33.51 PM.jpg

10. A mug that sings to (christmas carols) you when you empty it, reminding you to refill your cup!
Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 1.19.53 PM.jpg

I like this assignment a lot. It makes you think of more ideas that you are used to. Makes you think of things that are not even feasible at this point and diving in head first into coming up with that next Great Idea.
My three favorite sub-themes from this assignment are Holiday decorations, Snow removal, and Traditional holiday foods.

Let's see what's in store for this week and Target headquarters. I can't wait!

I don't know if these can be considered cookies...


Objective: Create a new cookie. Make it tasteful, creative, and original.
Resources: the inter-webs, an oven, and a kitchen full of ingredients.

Everyone loves cookies. From the basic sugar, chocolate chip, or oatmeal raisin, to the fancier snickerdoodle, Resee's, or some sort of frosted masterpiece, a cookie is a cookie. Or so you thought.

Innovate a cookie. How the hell am I supposed to do that? I go for the frozen style usually. Either plop the dough into little balls onto the cookie sheet, or just eat it and completely "forget" to bake it. Make it original, and create. Here goes nothing.

Possible ingredients (only the essential, obviously):

What to use, that is the question.
Normal sugar is just that, normal. Bland, un-creative. Tasteful at best, but it just doesn't fit the assignment. How about brown sugar? Different, but not quite there yet. Maple syrup? Possibly.

Almost ready for baking!!!


Into the oven!

Pictured below are the iterations of straight 1:2:3 (sugar, fat, flour) testing out different types of sugar. Clockwise from top left are brown sugar, granulated white sugar, maple syrup, and agave syrup.


Commence eating.

only two

As you can see, the brown sugar cookie was left for the dogs. Obviously, there have been cookies made throughout history substituting brown sugar for regular sugar. It happens all the time, but not for me. No bueno.

Back to work.

From the beginning of this process, I knew what I wanted to make. The first part was just a test to see if my notions were correct. Maple syrup is the way to go. Now, to add the rest of the carefully chosen, well though out ingredients. (Note: not randomized. care was taken to match flavors and complementary tastes).

I tried many different batches of adding this or that and tasting to see what else i needed to add or remove (texture, sweetness, flour content).
I added the extra chocolate chips because the pumpkin was too overpowering and the nutella just wasn't enough chocolate. Coconut for texture.

After much mixing and adding of flour and more mixing and adding of flour (and adding of flour) the dough thickened up and was ready.
It turned out to be a nice, brown color.


The Final Ingredients

1 c flour
6 T softened (not melted, trust me) butter
5 T maple Syrup
1 T brown sugar
1/4 c flaked coconut
2 T nutella
1/8 cup white chocolate chips
2 T Pumpkin spice sauce
1 t ground cinnamon

Mix, stir, knead, toss. However you want to combine all of the ingredients, do it. I suggest adding the flour to the wet ingredients after you've mixed them thoroughly. That's just me though.

Bake for 5 minutes, sprinkle coconut and pumpkin spice on top and continue baking for 5-6 minutes until golden brown.
Enjoy your masterpiece.

What did I find by doing this assignment?
1. Eating every trial cookie gives you an upset stomach, especially when 85% of the dough is sugar and fat. Lesson learned.

2. Being creative in the art of cookie making is challenging and easy at the same time. Yes, you can throw random things together and call it creative, or you can test different things and have an original, good tasting cookie that everyone will love (especially since it's fall and everyone truly wants a Pumpkin Spice Latte).

Innovation: design, iteration, ingenuity, and sleepless nights.

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