I don't know if these can be considered cookies...


Objective: Create a new cookie. Make it tasteful, creative, and original.
Resources: the inter-webs, an oven, and a kitchen full of ingredients.

Everyone loves cookies. From the basic sugar, chocolate chip, or oatmeal raisin, to the fancier snickerdoodle, Resee's, or some sort of frosted masterpiece, a cookie is a cookie. Or so you thought.

Innovate a cookie. How the hell am I supposed to do that? I go for the frozen style usually. Either plop the dough into little balls onto the cookie sheet, or just eat it and completely "forget" to bake it. Make it original, and create. Here goes nothing.

Possible ingredients (only the essential, obviously):

What to use, that is the question.
Normal sugar is just that, normal. Bland, un-creative. Tasteful at best, but it just doesn't fit the assignment. How about brown sugar? Different, but not quite there yet. Maple syrup? Possibly.

Almost ready for baking!!!


Into the oven!

Pictured below are the iterations of straight 1:2:3 (sugar, fat, flour) testing out different types of sugar. Clockwise from top left are brown sugar, granulated white sugar, maple syrup, and agave syrup.


Commence eating.

only two

As you can see, the brown sugar cookie was left for the dogs. Obviously, there have been cookies made throughout history substituting brown sugar for regular sugar. It happens all the time, but not for me. No bueno.

Back to work.

From the beginning of this process, I knew what I wanted to make. The first part was just a test to see if my notions were correct. Maple syrup is the way to go. Now, to add the rest of the carefully chosen, well though out ingredients. (Note: not randomized. care was taken to match flavors and complementary tastes).

I tried many different batches of adding this or that and tasting to see what else i needed to add or remove (texture, sweetness, flour content).
I added the extra chocolate chips because the pumpkin was too overpowering and the nutella just wasn't enough chocolate. Coconut for texture.

After much mixing and adding of flour and more mixing and adding of flour (and adding of flour) the dough thickened up and was ready.
It turned out to be a nice, brown color.


The Final Ingredients

1 c flour
6 T softened (not melted, trust me) butter
5 T maple Syrup
1 T brown sugar
1/4 c flaked coconut
2 T nutella
1/8 cup white chocolate chips
2 T Pumpkin spice sauce
1 t ground cinnamon

Mix, stir, knead, toss. However you want to combine all of the ingredients, do it. I suggest adding the flour to the wet ingredients after you've mixed them thoroughly. That's just me though.

Bake for 5 minutes, sprinkle coconut and pumpkin spice on top and continue baking for 5-6 minutes until golden brown.
Enjoy your masterpiece.

What did I find by doing this assignment?
1. Eating every trial cookie gives you an upset stomach, especially when 85% of the dough is sugar and fat. Lesson learned.

2. Being creative in the art of cookie making is challenging and easy at the same time. Yes, you can throw random things together and call it creative, or you can test different things and have an original, good tasting cookie that everyone will love (especially since it's fall and everyone truly wants a Pumpkin Spice Latte).

Innovation: design, iteration, ingenuity, and sleepless nights.


Ross -
I really like that you went so far as to try different types of sugar. I considered using maple syrup as well! It would be nice to see a final photo on the blog of the finished product, but I'll see one in class. Instead of coconut for texture, chopped hazelnuts would have been interesting to try, especially since you used nutella. That brown sugar cookie looks like my dog wouldn't even eat it (haha!). This cookie seems like it would be popular with girls who wear uggs, yoga pants and messy buns ;)

Sounds like a great cookie! It would have been nice if you could have devoted a bit more time to talking about matching tastes, because that's where it started to sound like an interesting recipe. It was the most "creative" part and it only got a handful of sentences.

From a blog design perspective, I appreciate the ambition of adding videos. If you're going to use them though, make sure you use them to full effect :-) Is the message of the video something that can be conveyed through a picture? If so, just stick to a picture. Videos break up the flow of reading through a post, so I'd recommend using them only when you really need them.

Love the cookie idea, though, and all the iterations you went through to get it just right.

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