Structured Brainstorm. Sounds like an oxymoron. Here, follow these rules. It will help you be more creative.

I'm not personally bashing it. I think it helped me come up with some really good ideas. It's just funny that first we were told not to be too constricting with our creativity, but now, we are required to. Just a note. Thought it was interesting.

{Part 1 | Scamper}
Since my theme is Holiday Decorations, what better item to choose than the most easily recognizable symbol of the holidays than the Christmas Tree (according to modern shopping and celebrations)?

Substitute: What can I replace this tree with to make it more useful?
Combine: What can I combine with a tree to make more people want to by it?
Adapt: Adapt the tree physically to make it more appealing...
Magnify/minify: Make it huge, or make it small? That is the question...
Put to other use: Wait! Don't throw it out after the holidays. You can still use it for...
Eliminate: Get rid of the ornaments, the star, the branches, the mess...
Reverse/rearrange: Hang it upside down or sideways...?

{Part 2 | Tables: Morphology, TILMAG, HIT}

Using a table to come up with ideas is probably the most structured part of this exercise, because you fill in the columns and rows of a set table to come up with ideas for products. Like TILMAG. You fill out the features of a good "blank" along the top, and the features of another good "blank" along the left side and play a little "cross products." But instead of coming up with a new product that has those two features, you try to think of a product that already has those two specific features. Ex. Crossing fast with safe, you might write down a bumper car. Combining cleaning with portable, might garner a Swiffer duster.



It's Tuesday night, and I just checked your blog. None of the content is displayed. I'll comment again later when it's up.

I'll throw you a comment once you've finished, until then, keep at it, don't give up, the semester is almost over ;)

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