Pew, Pieu, Pugh!

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Pugh Chart!


As you can see, according to the Pugh chart above, the Solar powered window covering is the winnner! I had a feeling that that was going to happen. In filling out the comparison chart, I did my best to be un-biased, but from reading the comments on my survey, it was easy to see the clear winner in this case. Solar powered items, especially for the car are hot right now as the "Clean Energy" push is happening all over. Why not use a resource that won't be running out even 10 lifetimes from now. Admittedly, it is difficult to store the energy collected from the sun, but batteries are awesome ways to store that renewable and rechargeable energy. Pair that resource with a window covering that can twinkle, flash, and/or play music and you have a product that is not only functional, but pleasing to the eye as well. Charge your phone on the road/in your office with *free* energy, no perpetual motion device needed and look good doing it!

Final Name and Drawing
I've been toying with different names and acronyms and have found that it's quite a bit more difficult than it sounds to come up with a catchy name for something.

Combining the words/concepts of solar powered, decorative, charging capabilities, and portability are not as easy as it may seem.


Short description of the picture above:
A car window (or other various sizes)-sized solar panel with suction cups on the corners of the back (solar side) stick the device to the window for temporary/portable use. Another option for mounting would be more permanent with Velcro (or some 3M adhesive).
For the decoration aspect of the device, a screen of sorts would be mounted on the reverse of the solar panel. Possibly E-ink or LCD screen could be used to flicker, flash, and twinkle like Christmas, or any sort of decoration for that matter.

Elevator Pitch

Placeholder Picture and text!!!



Walleye Tank. Bring it on.

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Ross! Like the idea for planes or a dorm room or maybe even a coffee shop/outdoor patio with no outlet?

Good pugh chart, but no video yet!

How would it mount to the window without reducing the amount of direct sunlight that hits the panels? How would it mount to other things (table, back of chairs, a boat, a beach chair, etc.)?

Did you pick a final name?

Good work this semester! Pretty cool to see the work you put out ;) Thanks for taking over for Fido.

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