October 10, 2006



Uploading photos:

1. Choose Upload File under the posting section on the left menu.
2. Browse for your image and then click Upload.
3. It will say: Your file has uploaded
**** If you don't need to resize the photo, keep the default selection and then select Embedded Image.

**** If you need to resize your photo, click the HTML option and select Embedded Image. Change the height and width that are written in the text (make sure to divide these dimensions equally so that your image doesn't distort) and then copy and paste them into the body of your blog entry.

4. That's it! You can always preview your entry to see if the size is appropriate.

**** Photos and visuals add a lot to an entry and make it more dimensional for your readers. If you're without a camera, easy options for images are found at sites like flickr.com and photobucket.com. OR borrow a camera or scan in some sketches! ****