Image of Me


A picture of me being myself.

Final Project

Here is my final project:

Video Project

Here is my basketball video that I made for the video project.

3-Image Autobiographical

Assignment 1 Photo 1.jpg

Here is the 3 photos in 1 picture.

Panascope 360


Even though all of the pictures in the synthetic times are very interesting, I chose to write about the Panascope 360 because of it can relate to me and the future of everyone. The reason why I think this could relate to me is because I love video games and how I can just escape reality for a moment and just have fun. I also believe that virtuality like the Panascope 360 is bound to be in the near future. At some point in time, people are eventually going to get sick of just staring at a flat TV screen. While this picture may be interesting and inspirational, it is quite sad at the same time. The fact that technology and how we live our lives are getting more and more sophisticated could be a bad thing for some. Things like nature will continue to be overshadowed by technology. Even though I'm not a kid anymore, I would dream to have something like the panascope in my life. I can't even imagine how differently my life and everyone else's life would be when virtuality starts to take over reality.

Studio E Personal Narrative

Here is my embarrassing personal narrative from Studio E. I never knew I had such a lisp...

Sound Project

Here is the sound project that I worked on with Derek.

The Moose and the Healing Hands

I had no idea I would find a life-size moose right when I walked into the gallery. I expected paintings on the wall (which there were) and nothing out of the ordinary. But I know now that art galleries are far from ordinary. The moose is quite unique itself. I'm not sure what it's made of but it doesn't seem very sturdy. I wanted to push it over but that would mean trouble for me. Anyway, the moose looks very interesting and even more so because there isn't a description or story about it. It forced me to make my own story about it. My story is that the moose was a fragile, lonely moose with no where to go. If there is no story behind it, the moose is still somewhat interesting because it is so realistic.

The healing hands is what this art piece is called. At first, it looked like the most bizarre thing I've ever seen. Black floating hands suspended in the air isn't something that I would see everyday. After I looked at the piece some more, it kind of resembles the hand that I faced in Super Smash Bros. But in this case, the hands are peaceful, healing hands. The hands are very interesting in the fact that I have no clue what they are doing. It might be easier if the healing hands were actually healing something instead of just floating in the air but it is still a very interesting piece. I don't know if this is a good idea but maybe the hands could be different colors to resemble different things like love, hate, or peace.

Nash Gallery 4/1/10


While strolling through the gallery on this hot spring day, I noticed a stack of pillows on the far wall. As I got closer, there was a wall of pillows with small openings in the middle. I immediately felt joy on this already joyous day. I don't know if it's art, but I give Juana BerrĂ­o a thumbs up.
I had never seen a wall of pillows so massive and I wished I could've had something like this when I was younger. Back when I was still a kid, I used to build forts with chairs, tables, blankets, and pillows with my brother. It was our very own version of dodgeball. I really didn't care if my parents would come home angry. All that mattered was that I was victorious. If Juana would have helped me out back then, I would be unstoppable.
Out of all the other pieces in the gallery, this one was most relevant to me. The piece has the word fun written all over it. I just wanted to jump in it or knock it over but that's just mean.
It's interesting how objects that we take for granted can be viewed as art. I loved how there was a a large variety of pillows and color. It made the "fort" seem very enjoyable and made me want to relive my younger years. I'm not sure if the piece is complete yet though because it would awesome to peek inside the fort and actually see something cool.

My flipbook

Here is my first flipbook!