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My flipbook

Here is my first flipbook!

Nash Piece

This piece by Rachel Breen caught my eye the moment I walked by it. Maybe
the fact that it took up the whole wall could have been why. Or maybe it
was the only white and black piece? Either way, it got my attention. And I
am very glad that it did.
At first, I thought this piece was made out of cloth. I went closer to
it and it definitely was not cloth. It was just a wall and what seemed like
charcoal. From far away, it looks exactly as if the piece had been sewed.
What I love about this piece is how it seems so energetic but yet so calm.
The dark strands look like they want to move but they can't. This piece
reminds me of the ocean with its never-ending waves. If I could, this piece
would definitely be my wallpaper for my computer.
The meaning behind this piece is that the art of sewing and how it changes
what is being brought together into something new. I think it would have
been interesting though if it was actually sewed. I think it would have
added texture and a more realistic feel.
This piece could also portray hope and possibility because it feels
like it does not have any boundaries and has limitless potential. The piece
could have been rearranged and the meaning wouldn't change.
The black and white of the piece really made me focus on the dark strands.
I think if there was more color then it would only distract people's
eyes. Rachel says that the piece connects what is broken. It took me awhile
to interpret that meaning but now I understand.

Art Piece from Chambers


When I first glanced at this piece, I had no idea what it was. All I knew was that it was shiny and it looked like a bush. And that is pretty much what it is. There were probably hundreds and hundreds of these metal strands clustered together. Was it ordinary? No. Was it art? Yes.
There were so many different and unique art pieces at the hotel so much that it was hard to pick my favorite. I chose Gupta's piece as my favorite because of its texture and 3-dimensional presence. If it wasn't for the rope, I would most certainly touch it. Another thought that was running through my mind was if the piece had fell from the wall. I could imagine all those metal pieces on the floor and all the people vigorously trying to pick them up. Most of the other art pieces were just paintings and would not have been as painstakingly difficult to put back together Gupta's piece. Getting back to the 3-D aspect, this piece look like it would hurt if you ran into it. It's dangerous but yet so peaceful on the wall. I believe this particular piece gets a lot of attention because it is so close to the entrance. You pretty much have to walk by it if you want to continue through the hotel.
This piece can relate to me in several ways. It is calm, modern, and unique just like me. It also took its time to assemble itself. There are a lot of pieces that make up the whole picture. On the outside, it looks very sophisticated. But in the inside, it is rather simple. All of these can relate to me and that is why I chose to write about this piece.

Film Sequence Analysis

When asked to respond to a film, I immediately knew which movie I was going to write about. The reason why I like The One so much is that it has an interesting story, lots of action, multiple point of views, slow and fast motion, and many other things.
The story is about a man who had many clones of himself throughout the world. When a clone died, all of the other clones gained more power. So, one of the clones was a deadly murderer whose objective was to kill off all of the other clones to gain that power. Eventually, it comes down to the last clone and the man himself.
Out of the many things that are amazing with this movie, the lighting is one of them. In most of the movie, the lighting is very dark and helps set the mood. The dark lighting makes the scenes look mysterious and surprising.
Another thing that is awesome is how the movie changes from real-time, slow motion, and fast motion. The slow motion shows how reality can be manipulated and it really makes the motion much more noticeable. The fast-motion also manipulates reality and made me just sit and watch the scene because so much action was going on.
The last thing I want to talk about is the different views this movie offers. From a bird's-eye view to first-person view, the movie provides variety from the plain still movies. The first-person views made me think that I was actually in the movie and I was actually a part of it. The bird's-eye view lets me see what's going on with the environment around the two guys fighting.
I get very excited when I think about this movie because it is one of my all-time favorite movies. It is filled with action and excitement that other movies just can't come up to par with.