Nash Gallery 4/1/10


While strolling through the gallery on this hot spring day, I noticed a stack of pillows on the far wall. As I got closer, there was a wall of pillows with small openings in the middle. I immediately felt joy on this already joyous day. I don't know if it's art, but I give Juana BerrĂ­o a thumbs up.
I had never seen a wall of pillows so massive and I wished I could've had something like this when I was younger. Back when I was still a kid, I used to build forts with chairs, tables, blankets, and pillows with my brother. It was our very own version of dodgeball. I really didn't care if my parents would come home angry. All that mattered was that I was victorious. If Juana would have helped me out back then, I would be unstoppable.
Out of all the other pieces in the gallery, this one was most relevant to me. The piece has the word fun written all over it. I just wanted to jump in it or knock it over but that's just mean.
It's interesting how objects that we take for granted can be viewed as art. I loved how there was a a large variety of pillows and color. It made the "fort" seem very enjoyable and made me want to relive my younger years. I'm not sure if the piece is complete yet though because it would awesome to peek inside the fort and actually see something cool.