The One

When asked to respond to a film, I immediately knew which movie I was going to write about. The reason why I like The One so much is that it has an interesting story, lots of action, multiple point of views, slow and fast motion, and many other things.
The story is about a man who had many clones of himself throughout the world. When a clone died, all of the other clones gained more power. So, one of the clones was a deadly murderer whose objective was to kill off all of the other clones to gain that power. Eventually, it comes down to the last clone and the man himself.
Out of the many things that are amazing with this movie, the lighting is one of them. In most of the movie, the lighting is very dark and helps set the mood. The dark lighting makes the scenes look mysterious and surprising.
Another thing that is awesome is how the movie changes from real-time, slow motion, and fast motion. The slow motion shows how reality can be manipulated and it really makes the motion much more noticeable. The fast-motion also manipulates reality and made me just sit and watch the scene because so much action was going on.
The last thing I want to talk about is the different views this movie offers. From a bird's-eye view to first-person view, the movie provides variety from the plain still movies. The first-person views made me think that I was actually in the movie and I was actually a part of it. The bird's-eye view lets me see what's going on with the environment around the two guys fighting.
I get very excited when I think about this movie because it is one of my all-time favorite movies. It is filled with action and excitement that other movies just can't come up to par with.

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