The Women Who Sold Their Daughter into Sex Slavery

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The Women Who Sold Their Daughter into Sex Slavery a CNN article written by Tim Hume, Lisa Cohen, and Mira Sorvino. It addressed a neighborhood in Cambodia that was a hotspot for child sex trade. This child-sex slavery article addressed how the people selling their children are the main brothel traders. The writer wrote it in an interview perspective of both the victims and the mothers who sold them into the brothel. They used the ethos (credibility) of the young girls and the mothers of these girls to provide a pathos argument. This of course in any situation is an effective one especially when it is such a ruthless act. In summary, a story of three girls were told and it followed this outline; family in debt and was threatened by loan sharks, mother had to go to the hospital to get virginity certificate (to make sure girls were virgin), sold to brothels, get money, get raped, and process repeats. The author also points out that due to the corruption of the government, there is little to nothing that could be done. Even police forces are tied to the brothels. To an extent the mothers who sold their sons and daughter into this situation are the one to blame. When asked if the mothers would let this happen again, they said no, but they can't change the past.
The approach made by the authors was very informative and went down to explaining the institutional problem of the country, and to an extent why the women did what they "had" to do. I thought the approach was informative and easy to follow. It pulled at the heartstring and placed the mother in an informative non-personal address. There is one thing I do not agree to this article is that little to no implication were addressed regarding the men that created this market in the first place and not enough elaboration was made into understanding WHY and HOW the women were threatened enough to make the decisions that they had to do.

Q: Are the mothers to blame for placing their daughter in such a situation?
Q: It is believed to be a serious income for the region and to an extent placing your daughter into slavery is normalized in that region, what is your thought?

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