Assignment 7

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I started this assignment by doing a Pugh chart. With 4 categories that I feel that would be important to my products, I found the best one out of 5.

Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 10.55.53 AM.png

I eliminate cup because it still lacks of competitive elements where it has so many other products in the market. I also eliminate glove and scarf because of their ability to hit strong on the market is not really there. After that, I eliminate heat panel bike because I am still unsure of what technology should I use to make it feasible. That left me with the jacket, which has highest vote among all the ideas.

I named it: Mask Jacket. Below is my final drawing for this idea.

Here is my pitch. After watching it again, I found that I lack a little bit of confidence, but that is only the case that I was standing in front of a camera. I believe that I can do it better in the class.
Pitch video.MOV

Assignment 6


Since I found a little time in my break, I went to Starbucks and school to do my survey. The result turns out a lot different from what I thought. Surprisingly, no one chose my number 8 idea. Here is my chart for the survey:

survey chart.png

Heat panel bike
Average price people will pay: $350

Cup with thermometer
Average price people will pay: $15.5
thermometer cup-thumb-500x375-177539.jpg

Glove with color injector
Average price people will pay: $25
glove color-thumb-500x375-177541.jpg

Scarf that is thicker in the middle
Average price people will pay: $22

Jacket with pulled up mask
Average price people will pay: $120

2.Novel (2x2 chart)
All of these chart are made after research of available products on the market. Therefore, they conclude market potential that fit all of these products.
Bike with heat panel: categorize with technology and price.
Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 10.48.32 AM.png

Cup with attached thermometer: categorize with material weight and reaction to temperature change ability
Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 10.49.58 AM.png

Glove with color ejector: categorize with how thick the glove is and technology involvement
Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 10.49.38 AM.png

Scarf that is thicker in the middle: categorize with price and how thick the scarf is
Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 10.49.24 AM.png

Jacket with pulled up mask: categorize with price and whether it cover face or not
Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 10.49.47 AM.png

Patent search
It was a tough process to really search for existing patent. I had to do it very carefully with no trace of what I really was looking for. As nothing familiar show up, I keep doubting myself that I didn't do the research good enough. Finally, after a long time spending on researching patent, I found something familiar, but not entirely.

A patent for tires with hot air inside: 849,335
Cup: 5,588,747
Glove: 8,395,109
Scarf: D693,096
Jacket: D285,609

3. Feasibility
-Concern: what material of the heat panel is, what type of energy will it has( thinking solar or electricity)
-Rough manufacturing cost: $16. With electricity charger or solar panel: it might add up to $20
-Concern: how to make it different from others, attach thermometer without worrying about leaking mercury.
-Rough manufacturing cost: $3
-Concern: what type of sensor would be best for this design
-Rough manufacturing cost: $7
-Concern: what material should be used for the thicker part?( thinking of omni heat technology, feather, or leather)
-Rough manufacturing cost: $8
-Concern: none
-Rough manufacturing cost: $9

Assignment 5: Structured Idea Generation


Part 1: Scamper
With my sub-theme is winter biking, I relate many of my product to my "two customers." Therefore, many of them have to do with cleaning bike or keeping bikers' bodies warm.

I change the normal tires with those that can heat up as it moves so it can melt the snow on its ways.

The handle is integrated with pair of gloves so it keeps bikers extra warm in the winter.

The bike body is made with fish skin structure so it can avoid getting snow and water stick on it which will lead to rust.

Enlarge the tires as well as use 4 of them so the bike can be easier to ride in snow.

Using the frame and pedal, the bike can be used to organise electricity wires
other use.jpg

The pedal will no longer needed. Bikers will seat on the frame with a part of it is made of rubber, easy to seat in.

I arrange the position of pedals and brakes. It is now hand pedals and feet brake.

Part 2: Morphological analysis
I used morphological analysis to find more ideas.
morph analysis.jpg

Idea 1: This is an phone app that use wifi signal to interact with a steel brush attached on the bike. Bikers can clean their bike without stepping outside or close to the bikes.
clean app.jpg
Idea 2: Bikers can use this tool to clean their bike faster than usual. All they need to do is grab a bike frame with this tool then push it along the frame for dirt and snow to fall off.
grab clean.jpg
Part 3: Review
I went back to look at all of the ideas for the past few weeks and choose the best 10 ideas.
Part 4: 10 top ideas
1. Fish skin bike

2. Bike handle with integrated gloves

3. Grab and clean tool
grab clean.jpg

4. Four wheels, enlarge tires bike

5. Heated system in bike tires

6. A cup with thermometer attached so it can tell you when it is too hot or too cold to drink.
thermometer cup.jpg

7. Padded glove with color injector will make it easier to make snowball as well as staining them.
glove color.jpg

8. Snow bucket the back of a bike to catch snow and melt them to water. The water will then run through the bike to clean it later.

9. Scarf that is thicker in the middle so it keeps bikers warm.

10. Jacket with pulled up mask so you don't have to carry scarf around.

Assignment 4: Brainstorming


On Saturday night, I gather a few of my friends around for my brainstorming session. The sub theme is winter biking.
I have:
Tan, economic major, Vietnamese
Minh, computer enginerring, Vietnamese
Khang, doctor program, Vietnamese
Emmy, finance, Vietnamese
Hang, MIS, Vietnamese
Vlad, computer engineering, Russian
photo 1.JPG

They were all told to not give judgments during this time.

First, I let them play the new improv game that I came up with call "I'm the king." In this game, anyone can step up and say: "I'm the king." The group will then ask, "why?" That person will say his line in form of " I'm the king because...." After that, everyone will clap and say, "That is cool." Then, two people next to him or her will do the samurai action and chop him off, so the next one can claim to be the king. This game was meant to keep everyone happy and creative about his or her answers.

After the game, we focus on designing for the customers, who are: Tyler and Jeffrey.

How might we?
Tyler needs a new way to cover his nose and mouth when biking, or something that keep his lungs warm.
How might we keep Tyler's lungs warm when he bike?

Jeffrey needs a new, simple way to keep his bike clean, ready for winter as well as a process to do this without leaving a big mess.
How might we help Jeffrey clean his bike without leaving a big mess?

In brainstorming session, I change the purpose a several time where I tell them to design bad idea, or idea that relate to watermelon to keep their mind playful and not stuck with critical judgments. I also shuffle all of the cards and hand them to people that seems to be stuck.

After 20 minutes for each customer, we placed all of the ideas on one table and started silent voting. Orange stickers are for feasibility, and green are for creativity.
photo 2.JPG

photo 3.JPG

photo 4.JPG

The ideas:
1. Tyler
Hang: Bike with hood and lamp for heating
bike with hood.jpg

Tan: bike with heat up seat
heat up seat.jpg

Khang: Helmet that provide heat generates by pedealing

Emmy: jacket with integrated mask so biker won't have to worry forgetting scarf
jacket with mask.jpg

Tan: scarf with one part thicker than other to cover nose and mouth.

2. Jeffrey

Tan: underground bike garage
bike garage.jpg

Emmy: bike drive-thu cleaner
drive thu cleaner.jpg

Emmy: bucket in the back the gather snow and melt them. The water will run through the bike to clean it
gather snow.jpg

Khang: nano surface so dust and snow won't stick
nano surface.jpg

Khang: ski bike with mini wheels
ski bike.jpg

Observation: I found this session was very successful. It was very interesting how Vlad always come up with funny ideas that stimulate others mind such as "Book of how to keep it clean." On the other hand, Minh, he came up with tons of wild ideas that are super crazy and creative. It is nice to keep the team diverse and support each other.

the book.jpg

Team IPM: 10-12/minute

Assignment 3: Research


With winter biking sub-theme, I went in by remembering what happened to me last semester when I tried to bike. From most of what I gather from memory, I had a hard time biking in the winter because of the ice. I ended up fell once with my bike 4 feet away from me.
Then, I started to read IDEO bootcamp to have a better vision of interviewing process. After understanding all of the steps as well as mindset for the interview, I began writing down my question. The questions focus strongly on making the interviewees think deeply into what they don't pay attention everyday.

-Tell me about your experience biking in the winter?
-How do you prepare your bike before winter? Can you walk me through those steps?
-What do you think about biking in winter?
-How do you maintain your bike in the winter?

This series of question is made based on observation as well as empathize mindset. They would be added by the question "why" constantly throughout the interviews.

I started my interview on Friday, however, it was super hard to stop people from moving on their bicycles. I tried to visit Varsity bike shop, but they were too busy to answer my question and asked me to come later. After a long time of looking for biking people with an awkward situation with a Chinese man (as I approach him, he looked at me clueless and pedaled away), I found three different interviewees as I was wandering around bike racks on Washington Ave.

Tyler, computer engineering major, spent a lot of winter biking in North Dakota (his hometown)- mountain bike
- He finds winter biking is just like every other season, since he has already used to the winter.
- Ice is the main thing that makes biking harder because it is slippery.
- However, he does not prepare his bike before winter comes at all.
- It is a little bit challenging to bike when the temperature drops to 0 or negative because when pedaling really hard, you can feel the cold in your lungs. It would be very bad if one hasn't been doing much physical exercise.
- To maintain his bike, he adds W40 oil to his chain so it won't be rusty. When it is rusty, it would be hard to bike as well as bring down the quality of the bike, which effect on safety.

Jeffrey, undecided sophomore, was biking with friends to buy Chipotle.- mountain bike
- He doesn't like biking in the winter, it takes a lot of work and time to change tires or put the bike away. So he chooses to walk.
- The effort to put into biking is too much compare to walking, which is a lot easier.
- As he used to bike in the winter, he recommends to put wheel guards so the ice won't splash onto your legs as well as changing tires for better traction.
- To maintain his bike, he will put oil on it as well as avoid getting a lot of snow and water on it because it will rust.
Byron, graduate student and work at industrial front desk.- utility bike
- He loves biking in the winter since he wouldn't have to worry about crashing his car. Also, he believes that putting good tires on a bike would be easier to control than a car.
- To prepare his bike, he thinks putting on sturdy tires is the only thing that he would do because it is good gripping the ice depends on weather. He would also change his chain in the winter because they wear out really fast.
- Skinny tires have less control the big ones.
- He thinks biking in the winter is fun and everyone should do it because you can be outside.
- To maintain his bike, he sprays salted water on the bike to get snow off his bike. He thinks that it is a lot more effective than just sweeping them off, since it has salt in it.


"It is a little bit challenging to bike when the temperature drops to 0 or negative because when pedaling really hard, you can feel the cold in your lungs"

Tyler needs a new way to cover his nose and mouth when biking, or something that keep his lungs warm.

"He doesn't like biking in the winter, it takes a lot of work and time to change tires or put the bike away. It leaves nothing but a big mess. So he chooses to walk."

Jeffrey needs a new, simple way to keep his bike clean, ready for winter as well as a process to do this without leaving a big mess.

"He would also change his chain in the winter because they wear out really fast."

Byron needs a new way to keep bike chain from getting rusty too quickly.

Also, from observation, I found a lot of people have an urge to spit whenever it gets to intersection because the cold air makes their saliva sticky and hard to breathe by mouth.

By my experience from biking since last winter, I found that there are three main things that I must always keep near me. They are gloves, a beanie, and face mask( or scarf).

Assignment2: Silly ideas


I started of my second assignment by watching a show by Louis C.K, an episode of Korean variety show called "Running man", several episodes of Phineas and Ferb, and one League of Legends game. Quickly enough, I got to my playful mood where I constantly making jokes in my head and felt happy.

I then started doing my mind map. As I was doing it, I found myself keep drawing things on another piece of paper whenever I was stuck thinking. I realized that I should transfer it to my mind map and illustrate words by picture. The process for this map took a little bit of time for me, since it is fairly hard to think of winter when I barely have experience about it. For the color, I added blue and orange to differentiate between main categories and sub-categories. As sub-categories are created with black lines, I added yellow lines for additional relationship between different categories. It also represents shared sub-categories and two-way connection, such as how car always need snow tires and the other way around.

photo 1.JPG

After making the mind map, I started to look back on the sub-categories for silly ideas and quickly came up with several. With an advantage of watching Phineas and Ferb, my ideas was bouncing off each other as if I was playing improv game with myself. Here are the 10 ideas that I came up with:

Shoes that make it easier to shovel the snow and ice

photo 3.JPG

A phone app that keep reminding you to buy your ticket home for Christmas and Thanksgiving. It will also tell you how angry or sad your mom would be if you don't come home.

photo 4.JPG

Tires that leaves snow-related figure on the street to make it prettier as well as easier for other car to move.

photo 2.JPG

A glove with gridded pad inside to make it easier and faster to make snowball. It also injects color into snowball so you can stain your friends' faces.

photo 5.JPG

A snow angel back pad that help you to make perfect snow angel. Also, you won't have your back wet after making one anymore.


A cup with integrated thermometer so you will know when to drink your hot cocoa without getting burned.


A goggle with attached LED screen showing interactive map


A fridge that can use outside cold air as power to store food. It will automatically switch to electricity power if the air is not cold enough.


A snowboard that can split to ski board and also put together with another snowboard to make a beer pong table.
Snowboard= ski board
Snowboard + snowboard = beer pong table


A kiosk that you can come in and warm your shoes and socks for free, since they usually get wet and cold on the way.

photo (3).JPG

Creative Experiment: Cookies


Being creative with cookies was probably the hardest and most fun part of my weekends. I started on Friday where I spent my night searching for different recipes over YouTube videos and cooking sites. In the end of my search, I stumbled into Master Chef show, where they were represents the art of deceiving taste in cooking. On Saturday, I brainstormed with my friends of how to give people the false ideas between what they see and what they taste. That night, I wrote down some ideas, which were including Siracha and "blazing taste" from Buffalo Wild Wings. By working with the bouncing flavor technique, I narrowed down and filtered all of the bad ideas and come up with the final decision.

My recipe includes:
Baking soda
Salted butter
Green beans
Wasabi sauce

My idea is based on how the colors of beans, carrot, and corn are M&M lookalike. The final product would have to be something that also goes with wasabi. Therefore, I decided to use salted butter to wake the flavor up and wasabi to boost it a little bit. The amount of sugar that was used in this recipe was very minimal in order to not make an odd flavor.

photo (1).JPG

Melt salted butter

Add flour

Add 3 eggs


Stir the mix


Add a little bit of water


Baking soda


Add a little bit of baking soda


Preheat oven to 375


Prepare beans, carrot, and corn


Decorate the cookie


After baked


Add wasabi


The final product was pretty good. It would need a little bit more flavor than it is right now. I am planning on adding cracker (smash it up) for texture and salted taste.
My friends thought it would be sweet and horrible. However, I have proved them wrong.

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