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Being creative with cookies was probably the hardest and most fun part of my weekends. I started on Friday where I spent my night searching for different recipes over YouTube videos and cooking sites. In the end of my search, I stumbled into Master Chef show, where they were represents the art of deceiving taste in cooking. On Saturday, I brainstormed with my friends of how to give people the false ideas between what they see and what they taste. That night, I wrote down some ideas, which were including Siracha and "blazing taste" from Buffalo Wild Wings. By working with the bouncing flavor technique, I narrowed down and filtered all of the bad ideas and come up with the final decision.

My recipe includes:
Baking soda
Salted butter
Green beans
Wasabi sauce

My idea is based on how the colors of beans, carrot, and corn are M&M lookalike. The final product would have to be something that also goes with wasabi. Therefore, I decided to use salted butter to wake the flavor up and wasabi to boost it a little bit. The amount of sugar that was used in this recipe was very minimal in order to not make an odd flavor.

photo (1).JPG

Melt salted butter

Add flour

Add 3 eggs


Stir the mix


Add a little bit of water


Baking soda


Add a little bit of baking soda


Preheat oven to 375


Prepare beans, carrot, and corn


Decorate the cookie


After baked


Add wasabi


The final product was pretty good. It would need a little bit more flavor than it is right now. I am planning on adding cracker (smash it up) for texture and salted taste.
My friends thought it would be sweet and horrible. However, I have proved them wrong.


I appreciate your picture of the flavor bouncing. It helps show the reader what you were thinking as you added flavors together. Showing how the batter changed texture after you added each ingredient was quite interesting.

I must ask, why melt the butter completely? Obviously these aren't traditional cookies, but every cookie recipe I saw stressed not to melt the butter completely. I found personally that only softening helped thicken the batter immediately rather than adding more flour to thicken. So actual question: Did you try softened butter before melting it completely?

I can't wait to try these in class. I'm not a huge fan of wasabi (too spicy for me) or carrots (bland) but I can't say I won't try it.
More comments to come after taste testing.


I love that you found your inspiration like that! I also love the idea behind making it look like something opposite of what it looks like. It's interesting that you made a savory "cookie". To me, your process is definitely in the right place. The value aspect, on the other hand, may be that a smaller group identifies with this particular cookie. Maybe it would develop an underground cookie craze? Did you try using fresh vegetables instead of canned? Also, maybe try using uncooked peas so they cook while baking which would result in a brighter, fresh green.

I love that your goal was to surprise the person eating the cookie (Barry's definition of humor, right there). I think that goal in and of itself was creative. I think you're probably the only person that used vegetables in your recipe as well, haha.

One thing I would have liked to have seen was another iteration or two near the end of your process. Your original goal was to trick people into thinking they were eating an M&M type cookie, but in your final version it was still pretty obvious that there were vegetables on the cookie. Would there be another way you could mask the veggie appearance, and make them look more like M&Ms? Food color? Cut into smaller shapes so they didn't have that familiar mixed vegetable profile?

Update after testing.
Wow. What a mouthful. As I said before, I'm not a big fan of wasabi, so it was a little odd in general. More like a cornbread texture than cookie, but with veggies on top, that is probably best. Definitely original. You win in that category! :P

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