Assignment 5: Structured Idea Generation


Part 1: Scamper
With my sub-theme is winter biking, I relate many of my product to my "two customers." Therefore, many of them have to do with cleaning bike or keeping bikers' bodies warm.

I change the normal tires with those that can heat up as it moves so it can melt the snow on its ways.

The handle is integrated with pair of gloves so it keeps bikers extra warm in the winter.

The bike body is made with fish skin structure so it can avoid getting snow and water stick on it which will lead to rust.

Enlarge the tires as well as use 4 of them so the bike can be easier to ride in snow.

Using the frame and pedal, the bike can be used to organise electricity wires
other use.jpg

The pedal will no longer needed. Bikers will seat on the frame with a part of it is made of rubber, easy to seat in.

I arrange the position of pedals and brakes. It is now hand pedals and feet brake.

Part 2: Morphological analysis
I used morphological analysis to find more ideas.
morph analysis.jpg

Idea 1: This is an phone app that use wifi signal to interact with a steel brush attached on the bike. Bikers can clean their bike without stepping outside or close to the bikes.
clean app.jpg
Idea 2: Bikers can use this tool to clean their bike faster than usual. All they need to do is grab a bike frame with this tool then push it along the frame for dirt and snow to fall off.
grab clean.jpg
Part 3: Review
I went back to look at all of the ideas for the past few weeks and choose the best 10 ideas.
Part 4: 10 top ideas
1. Fish skin bike

2. Bike handle with integrated gloves

3. Grab and clean tool
grab clean.jpg

4. Four wheels, enlarge tires bike

5. Heated system in bike tires

6. A cup with thermometer attached so it can tell you when it is too hot or too cold to drink.
thermometer cup.jpg

7. Padded glove with color injector will make it easier to make snowball as well as staining them.
glove color.jpg

8. Snow bucket the back of a bike to catch snow and melt them to water. The water will then run through the bike to clean it later.

9. Scarf that is thicker in the middle so it keeps bikers warm.

10. Jacket with pulled up mask so you don't have to carry scarf around.


Hi Anh,
Right at the beginning where you say you relate your product to your "two customers", since I haven't read your previous blogs, I don't know who they are. It would be nice if you included information like that for new readers. (It did help, though, that you mentioned many of the products relating to cleaning bikes or keeping bikers bodies warm).

About your Combine idea, if you had a heating element in the gloves, you might have something, because if the bike is stored outside, I don't think the person would be super excited about putting their hands in freezing gloves ;)

In your morphological analysis, I feel that you're mixing together two methods. One method is to use functional requirements (such as your "means to clean" and "means to manipulate a tool") and the other is to use product attributes (such as material). You did generate some ideas, but the material line doesn't seem to play any role there.

Overall, you're doing the required parts which is good (i.e. posting the images and all that), but a way I feel you could improve your blog would be to document the process better and let the "story" flow better.


First, apologies for the belated comment. I have been dealing with legal issues from my mom's death. I was a bit overwhelmed last week with the holiday coming up. I hope you will still find these comments useful.

The flow of your ideas is good, and your participation in the process is evident. You seem comfortable with sketching, and the clarity of your scans would seem up to standard.

I do feel you could provide more information in the text of your blog. In Part 1, repeat the definition of your two customers or link to where you have described them earlier. Also, a reader unfamiliar with the assignment would not know what Scamper means. Make it more apparent that you are using an analysis tool. ("S.C.A.M.P.E.R." - Use of the capital letters and the periods indicate that it is an acronym. At each letter label, bold the initial letter to show the relationship to the acronym; i.e., S-ubstitute.) These inclusions would help the reader place what follows.

In Part 2, Morphological Analysis, it is not immediately clear how your chart follows the schema presented in class. Since you were able to generate new ideas, however, it does seem to have worked for you - which is ultimately the goal. For purposes of the class, following and documenting processes is important. You might want to use classroom headings with your won instances in parentheses for clarity

Where you show your ideas sequentially, you could consider a little more spacing between entries to differentiate. Use text too.

I like your selection of blog colors. Good contrast, therefore easy to read.

Keep up the good work.


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