Assignment2: Silly ideas


I started of my second assignment by watching a show by Louis C.K, an episode of Korean variety show called "Running man", several episodes of Phineas and Ferb, and one League of Legends game. Quickly enough, I got to my playful mood where I constantly making jokes in my head and felt happy.

I then started doing my mind map. As I was doing it, I found myself keep drawing things on another piece of paper whenever I was stuck thinking. I realized that I should transfer it to my mind map and illustrate words by picture. The process for this map took a little bit of time for me, since it is fairly hard to think of winter when I barely have experience about it. For the color, I added blue and orange to differentiate between main categories and sub-categories. As sub-categories are created with black lines, I added yellow lines for additional relationship between different categories. It also represents shared sub-categories and two-way connection, such as how car always need snow tires and the other way around.

photo 1.JPG

After making the mind map, I started to look back on the sub-categories for silly ideas and quickly came up with several. With an advantage of watching Phineas and Ferb, my ideas was bouncing off each other as if I was playing improv game with myself. Here are the 10 ideas that I came up with:

Shoes that make it easier to shovel the snow and ice

photo 3.JPG

A phone app that keep reminding you to buy your ticket home for Christmas and Thanksgiving. It will also tell you how angry or sad your mom would be if you don't come home.

photo 4.JPG

Tires that leaves snow-related figure on the street to make it prettier as well as easier for other car to move.

photo 2.JPG

A glove with gridded pad inside to make it easier and faster to make snowball. It also injects color into snowball so you can stain your friends' faces.

photo 5.JPG

A snow angel back pad that help you to make perfect snow angel. Also, you won't have your back wet after making one anymore.


A cup with integrated thermometer so you will know when to drink your hot cocoa without getting burned.


A goggle with attached LED screen showing interactive map


A fridge that can use outside cold air as power to store food. It will automatically switch to electricity power if the air is not cold enough.


A snowboard that can split to ski board and also put together with another snowboard to make a beer pong table.
Snowboard= ski board
Snowboard + snowboard = beer pong table


A kiosk that you can come in and warm your shoes and socks for free, since they usually get wet and cold on the way.

photo (3).JPG


I think you could have pushed your mind map a little further. If you had extra ideas on other pages, like you said, I would have added that to the mind map also. I understand though that it must've been hard to brainstorm winter subthemes if you haven't experienced many winters. I thought a lot of your ideas were very interesting. I liked the tires that leave pretty marks in the snow as well as the shoveling boots. The shoveling boots actually seem very feasible!

How popular the “ Running Man” is. My roommate is one of the fans of that show. I like you share the experience what how you start and process the mind map. It reminds me that I should also involve more thinking process into my blog. The drawing on the map makes it easy to read and I can find my interested subtheme efficiently with the guided by the map. And the color you used in the mind map also helps to distinguish the different subtheme. But the color you used to show the link of each subtheme is bright yellow. It is hard to be seen and flowed on the white background. Your ideas are interesting, and were clearly explained by the words. I really like the snowball gloves and the car tires. The picture of Goggle With Small Interact Map is a little bit blur.

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