Assignment 4: Brainstorming


On Saturday night, I gather a few of my friends around for my brainstorming session. The sub theme is winter biking.
I have:
Tan, economic major, Vietnamese
Minh, computer enginerring, Vietnamese
Khang, doctor program, Vietnamese
Emmy, finance, Vietnamese
Hang, MIS, Vietnamese
Vlad, computer engineering, Russian
photo 1.JPG

They were all told to not give judgments during this time.

First, I let them play the new improv game that I came up with call "I'm the king." In this game, anyone can step up and say: "I'm the king." The group will then ask, "why?" That person will say his line in form of " I'm the king because...." After that, everyone will clap and say, "That is cool." Then, two people next to him or her will do the samurai action and chop him off, so the next one can claim to be the king. This game was meant to keep everyone happy and creative about his or her answers.

After the game, we focus on designing for the customers, who are: Tyler and Jeffrey.

How might we?
Tyler needs a new way to cover his nose and mouth when biking, or something that keep his lungs warm.
How might we keep Tyler's lungs warm when he bike?

Jeffrey needs a new, simple way to keep his bike clean, ready for winter as well as a process to do this without leaving a big mess.
How might we help Jeffrey clean his bike without leaving a big mess?

In brainstorming session, I change the purpose a several time where I tell them to design bad idea, or idea that relate to watermelon to keep their mind playful and not stuck with critical judgments. I also shuffle all of the cards and hand them to people that seems to be stuck.

After 20 minutes for each customer, we placed all of the ideas on one table and started silent voting. Orange stickers are for feasibility, and green are for creativity.
photo 2.JPG

photo 3.JPG

photo 4.JPG

The ideas:
1. Tyler
Hang: Bike with hood and lamp for heating
bike with hood.jpg

Tan: bike with heat up seat
heat up seat.jpg

Khang: Helmet that provide heat generates by pedealing

Emmy: jacket with integrated mask so biker won't have to worry forgetting scarf
jacket with mask.jpg

Tan: scarf with one part thicker than other to cover nose and mouth.

2. Jeffrey

Tan: underground bike garage
bike garage.jpg

Emmy: bike drive-thu cleaner
drive thu cleaner.jpg

Emmy: bucket in the back the gather snow and melt them. The water will run through the bike to clean it
gather snow.jpg

Khang: nano surface so dust and snow won't stick
nano surface.jpg

Khang: ski bike with mini wheels
ski bike.jpg

Observation: I found this session was very successful. It was very interesting how Vlad always come up with funny ideas that stimulate others mind such as "Book of how to keep it clean." On the other hand, Minh, he came up with tons of wild ideas that are super crazy and creative. It is nice to keep the team diverse and support each other.

the book.jpg

Team IPM: 10-12/minute


Overall, your blog could benefit from better use of hierarchy in your text. It is hard to tell at a quick glance what is meant to be a header and what is meant to be copy text because everything is the same size.

You don't have a good definition between the two brainstorming sessions in your content. Maybe placed the second how might we statement right before the last 5 ideas so that the viewer can more visibly link these two pieces of information together.

You also only explained your brainstorming session in one section. Did anything change between the two sessions you ran? Did you run everything exactly the same? Were people coming up with more creative ideas in the second session, after they had warmed up more?

You had good visuals, including clear, color images of the sketches and ideas from your group as well as photos of the group in action.

I really liked the amount of pictures you put and your discussion on how the team functioned. That really helped the reader get a better sense for how your session went, particularly when you write about exactly what each teammate contributed. The images from the session were also clear and well done.

I also though your game was interesting, particularly because it contained many elements from the improv sessions we were in. The idea of affirmation is a good one.

I think it would have been useful to see which devices were in each problem statement. Also, I would have liked to see the categories you put them in. I think your post would have benefited from headings and sections to differentiate the different parts.

Hello! I am impressed you were able to gather so many people for your session! The detail that you described your new improv game with was very helpful and gave a clear picture of how it is supposed to be played. The execution of your brainstorming session was also very well done and structured similarly to the one we did in class. The one thing I think is missing from the post is documentation of how the ideas were sorted into groups, if they were at all. They brief description of each idea presented was very helpful and complemented the sketches well.

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