August 13, 2006

BA 1001

So, I guess assignment 4 is to create a blog about myself. My nam is Timmy Nguyen and I am from Maple Grove, Minnesota. I know it's very typical of me to go to the U of M since i'm from minnesota, but i really liked the campus when i took the tour. I like how the U of M is only about 10 minutes away away from the downtown/uptown area. In addition to that, the campus has many awesome restaurants in the area, and I love eating. Along with an awesome campus, I know i'd get a good education at Carlson School of Management if I attend the U of M. I plan on majoring in International Business and the region I am focusing on would be southestern-ish asia (i.e. China, Vietnam).
I believe the assignment wanted me to talk about myself also and I guess i did do that in the beginning and then just kind of veered to a different topic. I really don't know what to say about myself. I'm asian? One can probably tell by my last name since it's so common among Vietnamese people. I love cars and electronics and working out. I don't know what to say about myself. I'd prefer to talk about other people than abotu myself. I think this is good, my hands are getting bored of typing.