So after working out, I came across a pretty interesting article that talked about using your non-dominant hand to eat if you want to eat less. First thing came to my mind was, "hmmm will I be able to lose weight faster if I decide to eat with my non-dominant hand?"


The first study conducted was with one hundred and fifty-eight participants that were recruited to watch a movie trailer at a cinema or music video in a meeting room. In both of these settings, the participants were both given popcorn to eat (stale and fresh). Also, some of the participants were habitual popcorn eaters at the movies, others weren't. The findings came out to be that the habitual popcorn eaters ate the same amount of stale as fresh popcorn, and with the stale popcorn they said they liked it less regardless if they were hungry or not. In contrast, when they were taken into a meeting room, the habitual popcorn eaters ate a lot less just because they were hungry. This part of the study concludes your attitudes towards eating popcorn depend on what setting you are in. This part of the study was very interesting because the only time I would eat and enjoy popcorn is if I'm in the setting for it, which is a cinema.

This second part of this study "almost" killed my hope!! It involved with seventy nine habitual popcorn eaters were told to eat stale and fresh pop-corn with their non-dominant hand. The findings came out to be that those who were instructed to use their non-dominate hand ate "less" of the stale, and their consumption of the popcorn was driven by hunger and liking.

So I'm guessing that the findings of this experiment suggest it's not possible for dieters like me to manipulate where we eat our food to control how much we eat, BUT!! It's more feasible to eat with your non-dominate hand so you can control personally of how much you can eat. SA-SWEET!!!

After reading this article I actually went upstairs and had a full meal and tried out this experiment. I use chop sticks (dominate hand is my left). So I tried eating with my right hand and it was very frustrating to me because it was basically running my appetite trying to pick up the food. I ended up eating half of what was in my dish, not because I was full, because I ruined my appetite.

So any of you guys planning to lose weight? If so, would you consider trying this experiment and see if it's going to work for you? Also what are your thoughts about this experiment?

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