June 18, 2008

Re-Commence Technology Program Blog

I stopped blogging for a while now, especially because of my tenure application last year (which I am glad to report--thanks to the Dean and my friends in the FMIS Dept, I am TENURED!!) as well as the amount of work I wasn't expecting to get as Technology Director. As other part-time technology directors know too well, 50% faculty + 50% Tech Director doesn't add up to 100% (I understand, Heads of Departments are suffering from the same problem). But after taking this job for slightly over a year now, I felt compelled to write my thoughts about this job not so much for others but really for my own reflection. I was asked last Spring to undergo a 360 degree evaluation process and I am hoping that by blogging I will be able to complete that process too. I will start by publishing my thoughts about what this job is about, and then weigh-in what I found out from my recent visit with the Technology for Business Schools (TBS) Roundtable group in Tucson, AZ.

November 15, 2007

Link to Tech Grant Form?

Can we get a link to the online Tech Grant form from this blog?


September 12, 2007

Blog Now Easier to Use

I have modified the blog to make it more user friendly. You will see a "START BLOGGING" link on the main page of the blog on That link will take you directly to the New Entry page to enter your own entry. Of course if you want to comment on someone else's entry, click on the "Comments(0)" link beneath that entry. THE BLOG IS A GREAT WAY TO START ADVERTISING YOUR TECH IDEAS AND PROJECTS. Let's say you want something to help you manage your committee minutes or files, you can post your needs on the Tech Blog. Other committees might be interested in the same thing. As these needs are compiled, the Tech Program will be able to start a project to address these needs throughout the LSBE.

September 10, 2007

Tech Program Update

Thank you all for being patient with us. We survived the first week without too many problems. We received 17 calls for desktop/laptops issues, as expected, 9 calls for WebCT (now called WebVista) and other calls of various categories totaling 49 since we opened shop. I am at the moment reviewing several interesting instructional technologies that Maureen O'Brien and Jill Klingner brought to my attention. We were anticipating lots of problems with laptops that could not go online because of the new QuickStart security check that the main campus installed, but there were only a few of those. My appreciation and compliments go to all the Tech Program student helpers that fielded all the calls so well.

August 30, 2007

Welcome to the New LSBE Technology Weblog (Blog)

Welcome! This is the first entry to our blog. I will start with the charge given to the LSBE Technology Program so that the Tech Program scope is crystal clear to everyone. Here it goes...

"Provide leadership for LSBE in the strategic development of technology initiatives which represent state of the art practice within Business Schools. He will also attempt to leverage the School's technology dollars into greater amounts through grant writing, negotiations and arrangements with technology providers. He will assist faculty and staff in their technology needs for teaching, learning and research activities. Finally, he will oversee and manage the group of undergraduate students employed by the Technology Program to provide assistance to faculty and staff within LSBE."

In order to make the transition as smooth as possible, I thought it would be a good idea to start from the bottom--taking care of the day-to-day needs of faculty and staff. One of the things that I had to learn was "who should I call if I have a tech problem, ITSS or the LSBE Tech Program?" I discovered the following rule of thumb:

For anything to do with "centralized" technology resources--problems with email, eGradebook, email aliases, centralized disk storage (H: drive), classroom technology such as projectors and multimedia devices, Novell connectivity, and Faculty eTools such as class lists and WebDrop--CONTACT THE ITSS HELP DESK x8847. They have a process they go through to get problems resolved. Please note that at the beginning of the semester, things gets extra busy and they might take time to respond. So, we will try to step in as much as possible. However, if you call us about these issues, we will end up calling them anyway because we have no control over these centralized resources.

NOTWITHSTANDING what I just said, we will still of course help when contacted.

CALL US (x6905) for anything to do with LSBE-specific technologies such as desktop issues, security issues, instructional software (WebVista or WebCT, Moodle, clickers), Microsoft Office applications, databases or applications bought specifically by us. We are trained in most of them and ITSS has delegated some of the problem solving to us so that we can usually respond quicker than they can.

Nik R. Hassan