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June 16th

Good Morning,

It is great to see all the comments on the blog! Thanks for sharing with each other. It is really important to ask questions during your summer internship experience. As I think back to the year that I served as a summer intern in Wisconsin, I wish I would have asked more questions about the 4-H program and Extension. Make the time to talk with the P rogram Coordinators, Extension Educators in 4-H Youth Development, and other Extension Educators at the Regional Offices.

As you may know, National 4-H has identified 3 Mission Mandates for 4-H Programming. They are Science, Engineering, and Technology, Healthy Living, and Citizenship/Leadership. For the next three weeks, the question of the week will focus on each Mission Mandate.

This weeks question:

What types of programs are you doing around Science, Engineering, and Technology?

Enjoy the great weather!

Nancy Hegland


I just went to training yesterday to use the flight simulator, lego robotics, and GPS units. We will be doing some programming with those items and we are also going to have them at our county fair! We are also getting prepaired to share with others about the DTV switch to make people aware of what is going on.

I am doing a lot with science because my major is secondary biology education and I love science. For my day camps I have been working with life science, earth science, and space science. For one of my day camps I am doing a reduce, reuse, and recycle day camp where we are going to be talking about ecological footprints and making the coffee ground fossils with our footprints in them to represent our 'footprint'.