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June 24th


I hope your 4-H summer internship is going well. It's hard to beleive that summer just actually started over the weekend and the days will start to get shorter already. I really enjoy to extended light time during this month. I could do without the bugs, however that is part of living in MN.

As I mentioned last week, the blog will focus on the Mission Mandates from National 4-H Council for the next couple of weeks. Each Mission Mandate has a statewide team working to design, develop, and implement programs in each area. Last week, the question focused on SET. There weren't a lot of comments last week, so if you have questions regarding SET work, please contact the statewide educator working with SET progamming, Katie Clarke. Katie has an office at the Worthington Regional Office and would be glad to talk with you about SET programming.

This week we will focus on the Healthy Living Mission Mandate. This mandate can encompass a lot of the work we do in 4-H Youth Development, especially in foods/nutrition and health and safety. Donna Geiser (Fergus Falls) and Kim Asche (Hutchinson) are the contacts for the statewide team.

What types of programming are you doing this summer related to Healthy Living?

Have a great day!

Nancy Hegland


I am actually planning a foods and nutrition lesson for this week of the 4-H enrichment program. The kids and I will be making ice cream and mini pizzas. With this lesson I will be explaining to them the importance of exercise. I will also be talking about “my pyramid� and which foods go into what food groups.

For one of my 13 day camps I am doing an exercise and nutrition day where we will be talking about the importance of exercise, learning about the food pyramid and nutrition labels, and making healthy smoothies.

This is the first time I have had an opportunity to get on the blog and it is great! What a cool way to stay in contact with other interns! We are doing some nutrition work with the Freepops group in Faribault. This is a program for low-income families. This week we made butter with the kids and talked about June-Dairy Month. Next month we are doing some fitness activities. Overall the kids will learn about their own health and the importance of nutrition in their lives.