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June 9, 2008

Welcome to Summer!

I believe it will actually be warm today, so summer must be here! It's a good thing, since camps are starting and it is the week for YELLO. I am in the process of adding interns to the list of authors, so please email me with the email address you will be using this summer. I have a few of them, but want to get them all included, so you can post messages. Anyone can add a comment to the blog. It will indicate that it will need to be approved, which I will do as soon as I get the message.

This weeks question for discussion is:

What is one activity you are planning for either day or resident camp this summer?


I am really excited because I am actually doing a total of 13 day camps. Obviously, I have been doing a lot of planning! For one of my 6-day day camps (for kids gr. 1-3) I am doing an animal theme. Each day we are going to be talking about a different group of animals - pets, farm animals, birds, creepy crawly critters, animals, and North American animals. One thing we are doing specifically on creepy crawly day is making worm farms and talking about how worms are excellent composters.

I get to plan 9 different day camps, so I'm pretty excited! The one that I am enjoying the most is our 'Earth Day' day camp for kids gr. 4-6. We are going to be doing two really neat experiments: one with craters and one with recycling.

I actually just had my first day camp today. We had science camp. I only had 5 kids there but it was a lot of fun. We did some experiments dealing with water, air and soil and we also made some crafts. I think the kids enjoyed watching flowers drink water. I had carnations for them and they cut the stem and placed the flowers in water with food coloring. As the flower drank the water, the flower became the color of food color they used. We also made mini thermometers and made "Soil Sams" that will grow hair soon!

I am planning for a day camp at the end of June. The camp will be natured theme and I am planning a variety of activities and lessons geared around nature. Learning how to help protect the environment and a nature scavenger hunt are some of the things I'm planning. I'm really excited for my first day camp because it is in the community that I graduated from and I know a lot of the children signed up!

An activity I did last year was called "coffee ground fossils" If you just type that in a google search engine you will be able to find the recipe and directions. The kids really liked the activity and it would fit in with nature/animal type themes that many of you are talking about. This year our theme is "Around the World." Planning is still in the works, but I'm working on crafts and games that are played in different countries around the world. If you have any great ideas for China, Africa, or Australia, send them my way.

Amanda I know one of the past interns for my county made masks for africa and then she did japan but she made simple origami with them. If you want any of her information I can send it to you.

I am doing day camps in early July and the theme is dairy and other farm/livestock. We are making butter and ice cream, and several different cow crafts. I'm really excited for camp because I have never gone to a 4-H camp.

Oh yeah and I was wondering who the interns are from Freeborn and Steele County. I know I met you at orientation but I don't remember who goes with which county. I was just wondering if your PCs had talked to you about the Teen Day Camp in Blooming Praire. I don't know if you had any ideas or what you knew about it. My e-mail is reit0158@umn.edu if you already have anything you want to share.

I am doing a summer camp craft about camping and fish and the outdoors so i decided to make nylon fish wind socks with the kids. it's super cute when it's finished and they get to be creatvive.

Last week I held my first day camp. We had a pioneer theme. The kids got to make their own cornhusk dolls and then we made homemade butter. The kids had a blast shaking their little jars and seeing the butter form. After they made it they then got to eat it, which was very rewarding.

Hey! This is for Claire - I'm doing a fishing activity and the nylon fish wind socks sound really neat. Is there a website for that or could you maybe email me the activities? Thanks!

P.S. My email is intern16@co.blue-earth.mn.us