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July 21st - Evaluation


As many of you may know, it is time for the mid-year evaluations for 4-H summer interns. A few weeks ago, all Extension Educators working with interns, recevied a evaluation form to use in evaluating interns mid way through the summer and again at the completion of the summer. The intent of the evaluation is to help both the intern and Extension. We want to learn what works best for interns as well as ways that we can improve the summer intern program.

This year, I will be sending all 4-H summer interns an evaluation form to use in evaluating the program. It will be sent via email from Diane Lambrecht, my support staff. The evaluation will ask various questions which will help us identify ways in which we can improve the program. Please take the time to complete the evaluation and send it back directly to Diane. She will keep all responses confidential.

Evaluation of 4-H programs is essential as we work in a public arena. It is important to demonstrate the impact programs have on the lives of youth and families.

This weeks question:

How have you evaluated the 4-H programs that you worked with this summer?

Have a great day!



I liked all the programs i was involved with and enjoyed my summer position very much! It was a great learning experience and would recomend applying to any 4H Alumni.