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July 8th

Good Morning,

It is definately County Fair season! The weather is warm and humid, which seems to be a sign almost every year. The Hennepin County Fair was in mid-June and many fairs start this week. County Fairs are an important aspect of the 4-H Youth Development program, as it is an opportunity for youth to showcase their project work and discuss it with a caring adult in a judging situation. As I think back to my years as a 4-H member, I remember the excitement that came from getting ready for entry day. It was a lot of work, however well worth the effort. I enjoyed telling the judge about my projects and the key aspects I learned each year. I also remember County Fair days, when I was a county based Extension Educator. After a couple of years, I realized that my main role was to problem solve various situations and promote the 4-H Youth Development program. It was always helpful to have a strong volunteer pool and willing youth leaders to share in the responsibility of the County Fair. They are key to our success in the program. My support staff was the key person that really made everything happen that week. She knew the ins and outs of all the details and made sure that they were covered. As you approach your county fair, make sure to take it all in and thank all the people that make the fair possible.

This weeks question:

What special program/activity are you working on for the the county fair?

Have a great day!



we just finished our county fair in Chisago and I was in charge of the Style show and The pet show! It was alot of fun amd I learned alot as well. I couldn't believe how much behind the scenes work goes into fair. It's not something you get to see as a 4-her!

I am working on the Premium Auction, Pet Show, Sheep Show, and a few other odds and ends things. I've been super busy the last few weeks and I'm getting excited for the fair! I am also amazed at all the behind the scenes work that goes into a county fair.

The past few weeks have been rather busy! We just had our 4-H golf tournament which was very successful! For the fair I have been doing some 4-H "did you know posters" for the historical section of our county fair. If any of you have any fun facts or just any historical information about 4-H let me know! That would be very helpful!
Since our office was flooded a couple weeks ago, I have been re-doing some fair posters that got damaged. I am very excited for the fair to start...less than a month away!

I am doing lots of Adventures at the fair! This is a fun way to promote 4-H to the community and get the younger kids involved at the fair!