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August 5th - Fair Food


Since many of you have wrapped up County Fair experiences or may be in the thick of it this week, I thought I would take one week to discuss a very important topic - Fair Food. This week is the Dakota County Fair, which happens to be the same site as my office. Just this afternoon, one of my colleagues asked if I had already eaten or if I would like to go for a walk and have some fair food. I had already had lunch, but was glad to go for a walk with her. As we stopped to talk with other office colleagues, the main topic seemed to be the food and the best place to get that food item. My friend Lisa chose a Bratwurst, which was recommended to her four years ago, when we moved to the Farmington Regional Office. She makes sure that she has at least one each year. Other "hot food" items included corn on the cob, donuts, cheese curds, and anything from the bakery. I was glad I left my money in the office. Don't worry, I will be back later in the week to have a pork chop on a stick.

The one food item I must have at the MN State Fair is a foot-long hotdog from the corner stand near the Coliseum. It is usually the only food that I have to have each year. I do like the ice cream from the dairy building, but it is not the first stop.

Question of the week - What fair food is your favorite?

I will be on vacation next week, so Samantha Grant, Extension Educator from the Rochester Regional Office will be posting the question of the week.

Have a great week!