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My thoughts

I have really appreciate the opportunity to be part of Extension 2.0. I was familiar with some of the tools, but others were pretty new to me. It was helpful to use real work life situations (examples) in the the course. I also really was glad that we needed to practice trying several aspects. This summer I developed the orientation for State Fair judges for the MN 4-H program. We discussed self directed learning and the concept of 'FLOW", which I have really got into to "FLOW" while working on Extension 2.0. I could spend a lot of time working on this class, yet always had other work waiting for my attention.

We are using several aspects of the course in work with the 4-H program. I like using the WIki, UMConnect, and the RSS feeds (although I think I have more to learn). I still don't have my digital pictures downloaded off my camera, but it is on the list for the weekend.

One suggestion for a future experience, would be a UMConnect webinar to discuss peoples experiences. I know that people have commented on-line and we can look at other blogs, however sometime the oral discussion can be benefical to help connect staff working in various areas of Extension.

I would be interested in doing another course, such as this one. I enjoyed it and feel better prepared to work with the various tools.