Attention International Students!

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Longitudinal study of international students' adjustment trajectories

Dear international student,

We are associated with the Counseling Psychology program in the Department of Psychology, at the University of Minnesota. We are writing to invite you to participate in a study examining the cross-cultural adaptation of international students.

You qualify for this study if:

*You identify as an international student whose first language is NOT English.

*You have just started your first semester at the University of Minnesota.

If you choose to participate, you will complete five online surveys - three this semester and two next semester. The first survey will take about 20 minutes to complete and the other three will each take about 10-15 minutes to complete. You will receive a $5 Target gift card each time for the first 3 surveys you complete. You will receive a $10 Target gift card for 4th and 5th survey completion. If you complete all 5 surveys, you will receive a total of $35 in gift card. If you are in a participating psychology class, for this semester only, you have an option to receive 1 REP point each time instead of a $5 gift card (maximum of 3 REP points).

You can withdraw your participation at any time without any negative consequences. Participation is completely voluntary and confidential.The survey questions ask about your background information, your experience of using English as a non-native language, what it is like to live in the US, and your feelings about yourself and your life.

Anticipated results could inform programs for building multicultural sensitivity on campus and raising coping skills of international students during the cross-cultural adaptation process.

The link for the survey is:

** You MUST sign in to your U of M Gmail account in order to access the survey. Only your U of M Gmail account will work for this survey. Please take the survey right away.

This link will direct you to a full informed consent document that outlines the study in more detail.

Please feel free to contact the principal investigator, Reiko Hirai, at should you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you in advance for your time and participation.

Reiko Hirai, Patricia Frazier, and Moin Syed

Department of Psychology, University of Minnesota

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