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Personally, I'm most interested in the aspect of Social Psychology. I've always been truly perplexed by how people communicate with each other, and why I naturally fit with certain personalities but clash with others, or why certain people act differently when put into different situations. A method that I've come across that is used often in social psychology is a process called "reflected appraisal process", in which someone imagines how others view them. It occurs to me that this happens much more than anyone realizes, and I personally never knew it had a legitimate title and process of thinking. I think it's defining of someone's self-image whether they are truly concerned with how people view them, or are determined to prove that they "don't care what others think". It's an interesting notion and one that I'd like to research further, because it first appears simpler than it actually is. I wonder whether there is any biological evidence that would cause a person to be more naturally curious or aware of their social environment, or whether it's more of a nature vs. nurture argument.

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Thanks for being the first student to post! You might be interested in personality psychology within the broader field of social psychology. Another concept you might want to look into that related to your post is self-monitoring.

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