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This is how I would have written blog 1 as my 18-year-old, second semester freshman self taking PSY101 (I'll also write an example as to how my current self would reply to the prompt):

baby girl.jpgThe area of psychology that interests me most is developmental psychology. I have a baby cousin that I babysit occasionally when I go home. It has been enjoyable to watch her change in between visits home. I found this video about object permanence; while my cousin is not quite old enough to exhibit object permanence, I look forward to testing out the concept the next time I visit her! It might be fun to hide objects on her and watch her reaction. At her age (approximately 8 months old), if I replicated an object permanence "experiment" over and over, I should get the same result. She simply is not old enough to realize that out of sight does not mean the object disappears! It amazes me that babies can be "fooled" by the world and watching them learn and change over time is fascinating!

I am looking forward to learning more about development, intelligence, and personality in this course. Differences among people in areas such as intelligence and personality intrigue me. I wonder what causes the differences and how such differences contribute to decision-making. Are these differences due to biological causes, environmental causes, or both? How do intelligence and personality change over the lifespan? Can they change much or is there a fixed-point value for people? How do psychologist measure intelligence and personality, especially because these concepts seem to have multiple components?

*Of course, now my interest in developmental psychology mainly is due to this guy: rsd4.jpg

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