Bryan Tabery, Placebo Effect and its use in the Medical Field

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The placebo effect has been researched extensively within the medical field and many breakthroughs have been made. First, the placebo effect is improvement just from the expectation of improvement. In 1957, a patient known as Mr. Wright by the doctors had cancer the size of oranges in his lymph nodes, and every treatment had previously been unsuccessful. As a last resort they gave him Krebiozen, an anti-cancer cure shot. Three days late his cancer in his lymph nodes' size had been cut in half. They tried Krebiozen to many other cancer patients, but to no avail (Niemi par. 2).ff_placebo_effect_f.jpg The placebo effects can be just as successful, if not more, than of actual drugs. While reading an article from NaturalNews, "Placebo effect should be embraced as real medicine." I was introduced to some the astounding breakthroughs with the placebo effect being used at medicine. "In the last 10 years we've made tremendous strides in demonstrating the biological veracity of the placebo effect," said Ted Kaptchuk of Harvard Medical School. "The frontier is, how do we utilize what is clearly an important phenomenon in a way that's consistent with patient-practitioner trust, and informed consent (Gutierrez par. 2)? In most aspects, it can be very unethical and dangerous for doctors to prescribe placebo instead of actual medicine. Obviously, you can't tell them you're giving the patient fake pills and have the patient sign consent. My main question after reading this article is; what is the solution to being able to give patients placebo pills, which can cure faster than regular prescriptions, instead of regular medicine while being legal?

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Placebos don't always work, but it is a very interesting phenomenon!

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