Is Stress Contagious within Families?

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stressed-out-child.jpgIllnesses, such as colds and the flu, are easily transferable between parents and kids, but is stress? Today's article claims that kids can "catch" stress from parents. While I'm sure parental stress has some impact on children's well-being, is it the only factor that might contribute to children feeling stressed? This article seems to place emphasis on the environmental components of stress (e.g., parental verbal cues, "vibes") instead of assessing potential biological causes -- the old nature vs. nurture debate. In addition to environmental cues, could children of stressed parents be stressed out because these kids share biological tendencies toward stress? Yes, parents face a lot of stress in today's world, but don't kids face pressures, too? As a parents, I've heard and read a great deal about over-scheduled children (sports, school, other activities) and know that there is increased pressure for children to perform well in school. So, could parental stress be the only contributing factor to childhood stress? If not, why doesn't the article discuss alternative reasons for why children are stressed out? Perhaps this is an article that makes parents feel guilty about not being "perfect," which, oddly enough, would increase parental stress levels...

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